Watch the NPA Report 5-23-2021 with Nate Silvester, TikTok officer who was suspended for mocking Lebron James

Top Cop: ‘It’s the Little Things…’

By Stephen Owsinsk Besides major matters mitigated by cops on behalf of citizens, you likely wouldn’t know much at all about the little things they do on the daily. In fact, if anyone had the notion to populate a database of how many flat tires are suffered by motorists on America’s labyrinth of highways and Read more »

What the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act Means for Cops

By Steve Pomper What is the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act (GFJPA)? Well, any attempt at an accurate description would include words likely to violate the decorum of this family-oriented website. For one thing, the Act’s title is an egregious misnomer. Let’s take a brief look, focusing on the three elements the Act emphasizes.   Read more »

Honoring Our Fallen Law Enforcement Officers, Now and Forever…

By Stephen Owsinsk National Police Week spanning May 9-15 was different this year, necessitated by a COVID-induced virtual realm. But that didn’t diminish the brilliance of blue lights shining wherever you may be. And the iconic Thin Blue Line, unceasingly resolute, maintained integrity, fighting the good fight, even though additional law enforcement officers were killed Read more »