Recruiting Cop Candidates from the Police Explorer Program

Recruiting Cop Candidates from the Police Explorer Program

By Stephen Owsinski Although just about everyone has heard of the significant shortage of law enforcement officer applicants thanks to the drab messaging from police defunders, police explorers looking at potential careers as cops may help offset vacant public safety positions in America. In that context, I came across what could be described as a Read more »

Is Your Home Truly Your Castle? It Depends

By Steve Pomper Is your home your castle? Well, unfortunately, it depends on where you live and the degree of radicalism afflicting your local prosecutor’s office. The McCloskeys in St. Louis found out the hard way that their Soros-funded county prosecutor prefers to charge the victims of crime rather than the perpetrators, based on politics. If Read more »

‘SWAT Roundup International’ Joins Tactical Police from Around the Globe

By Stephen Owsinski Every year, SWAT teams from around the world travel to a central location where police tactical skills and precision are exhibited and evaluated, culminating in a standout winner whose hard-earned points garner honors for superb law enforcement operations, all on full display at the annual SWAT Roundup International. Bringing uber-talented police tacticians Read more »

Shooting Under Internal and External Stress

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D When an officer fires their duty weapon there is no shortage of questioners, critics, and scrutiny. Why so many bullets? Why didn’t they talk him down? Why didn’t they just Tazer her? Those questions have to be answered for every individual case, but the public needs to have some Read more »

Drunk Drivers Killing Cops

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D One of the proposals for the defang the police movement is for law enforcement to stop picking on drivers for violating traffic regulations. Meanwhile, about 1000 people are killed every month by drunk drivers in the 30% of fatal crashes that are alcohol-related. Another 25,000 are injured by impaired Read more »

Camaraderie Among Cops

By Stephen Owsinski One of the fascinating aspects of joining the men and women whose mission is to provide public safety is the inherent camaraderie law enforcement officers revel in as selfless crimefighters managing to endure daily perils. You’ve likely heard the monikers “I got your back” or “I’ve got your six” or “Let’s do Read more »

Red Shirts in the Police Academies and Training Fields

By Stephen Owsinski In police academies and thereafter, training should be incessant and must overcome the various reasons America’s law enforcement officers are ordinarily shortchanged from imperative life-saving skill-building. Nevertheless, police academies and law enforcement agencies employ a contingent of men and women who are certified expert instructors in all facets of police tactics and Read more »