Ridding Ourselves of Anti-Police Ringleaders

Ridding Ourselves of Anti-Police Ringleaders

By Stephen Owsinski As the rhetoric roots and the nonsensical anti-police voices drone on, compare/contrast examples evolve by the millisecond each day in America. Defund the police mouthpieces versus phenomenal police work are distinctly different. The constitutional foundation engendering citizens voting for whom they feel will serve the greater good remains a staple principle. In Read more »

Comply Now, Complain Later: Washington DC Edition

By Steve Pomper When dealing with police officers, particularly when facing being detained, the National Police Association’s new PSA advises people to, “Comply Now, Complain Later”, rather than resist or flee. Examples of resisting and fleeing arrests ending badly abound. No matter how much one disagrees with the cops, one can always file a complaint later. There is Read more »

Lt. John Mitchell Survives Being Dragged Through the Anti-Police Muck

By Steve Pomper We promised we’d be back with additional coverage from Oklahoma of the long-awaited resolution to the ordeal Blackwell Police Department Lt. John Mitchell has been suffering since May 2019—for doing his job. We’ve been covering this good man’s struggles since December 2019 and have provided updates throughout. On August 12th, 2021, Kay County District Court Judge Read more »

Chicago ‘Running Out of Ankle Bracelets’

By Stephen Owsinski That astounding and deplorable factor came out during a Fox News panel discussion regarding the 45 people shot throughout the weekend of August 6-8, 2021. By now you are aware that among the 45 victims were two Chicago police officers, one of whom, Officer Ella French, perished after being raced to the Read more »

Cops, Guns, and Unarmed Suspects

By Steve Pomper Along with defunding the police, and replacing cops with “violence interrupters,” social workers, leftist radicals have also called for disarming the police, even of their sidearms. For example, a social media “influencer” recently wrote about taking guns away from the police.  Making her argument, she said, “The police do not need guns. There Read more »

Blackwell, OK., Lt. John Mitchell’s Slog is Over; Motion to Quash Charges Sustained

By Steve Pomper A judge has finally sustained Blackwell Police Department Lieutenant John Mitchell’s motion to quash criminal charges brought by an obviously errant DA. In a ruling we believe should have never been necessary, but are delighted it has finally arrived, Lt. Mitchell will not face manslaughter charges.   Let’s remind those who, forgivably, may have lost track Read more »

Cops: Protectors, Providers, Lightworkers Bringing Blessings

By Stephen Owsinski An Atlanta, Georgia police officer on patrol in her assigned zone came upon a homeless person and exhibited requisite traits of a cop: caring nature, compassionate exposition, possessing ability to fill needs…then filling those needs. Among many exactly like it, in this particular example a policewoman offered her heart, opened her cruiser Read more »

Stepping Up to Fill Police Officer Vacancies

By Stephen Owsinsk Despite the ongoing anti-police foolishness and the continued condemnation of cops resulting in voluminous retirements and resignations of law enforcement officers, a sigh of relief is upon us: Police academies are training and graduating courageous crimefighters prepped to take to the streets. Following the reported decline of future cops and difficulty filling Read more »

Policing Toward Healthy Relationships

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Every patrol officer has spent time dealing with victims of abuse who are entangled in love/hate relationships. Officers walk away from their sidewalk counseling or arrest and wonder why people stay together under those circumstances. Here are 12 common characteristics of abusive relationships: Being told that you never do Read more »