Palacios, TX PD awarded National Police Association grant

Simply Have a Conversation with Cops

By Stephen Owsinski Why can’t we just stop for a moment, greet one another, and have a conversation about…whatever? It’s what cops are especially positioned to do during the course of duty. It’s what citizens are equally availed while going about their everyday lives. Communication is always key—and I’m not even remotely referring to mainstream Read more »

Antifa Arsonist Who Attempted to Kill Cops Gets 20 Months

By Steve Pomper Well, first, we may as well get this distraction out of the way. Since sources for this incident were abundant, I selected one at random. It was an AP reprint at I didn’t even need to see the byline because the biased description of the incident betrayed the culprit’s “journalistic” identity.  Here’s what happened. Read more »

Surrogates at Fallen Cops’ Kids’ Graduations

By Stephen Owsinski The oft-repeated vows and promises among cops are solid steel: “I’ve got your back” and “I’ve got your six” and “We’re in this together” are just a few of the pacts possessed by law enforcement officers. Though the job sometimes devolves into casualties via the self-sacrifice oath on behalf of the citizenry, Read more »

Canceling Protect and Serve

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Discussions about the roles of policing that might be shifted to non-law enforcement are very important. A recent survey of officers and civilians showed that the majority of police officers and civilians have confidence in law enforcement responding to mental health crisis calls. While there is also significant support Read more »