No Longer Willing to be Ordered to Sit in A Building While Molotov Cocktails Are Hurled at It: Officers Leaving Seattle PD

By Steve Pomper    I recently received two jolts in 12 hours. One evening, a good friend, in fact we worked together for many years in the same precinct, told me he was done with the Seattle Police Department (SPD). He’d accepted an offer from a sheriff’s office in the region. I couldn’t blame him. Things Read More >

Don’t Mess with Texas: Governor Seeks to Consolidate Defunded Austin PD with State Police Force

By Stephen Owsinski While the misguided anti-police mouthpieces keep barking to defund and abolish the police, critical-thinking pro-public safety brains are analyzing ways to circumvent neutering and/or shuttering law enforcement agencies. It seems the credo “Don’t mess with Texas!” is alive and kicking…especially on the state level. Texas state governance is using forward-thinking concepts bolstered Read More >

Sheriff reminds armed criminals that return fire from law enforcement is an absolute guarantee

By Stephen Owsinski What would seem like an endemic factor, one Ohio county sheriff took to the airwaves to remind armed thugs that if they shoot at his law enforcement officers, return fire is a guaranteed response. Although Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones is directly referring to folks in his jurisdiction, his message has Read More >

Presidents and Police Officers

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D. Local law enforcement hasn’t garnered much attention from the White House for most of America’s history. Things are very different now and not necessarily for the better. The affairs of local policing were in the hands of elected sheriffs and marshals in the early days. Municipal police departments proliferated Read More >

Education Campaign Launched on the Critical Impact ‘Defund the Police’ Will Have on Reduced Police Service and Increased Crime

The National Police Association has released a radio public service announcement (PSA) to bring awareness to the as yet undisclosed consequences of the ‘Defund the Police’ movement. Reviews of proposed and actual cuts to law enforcement budgets across the United States show they do not explain to their communities the reduction in police services those Read More >

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