Van Susteren and Brantner Smith Discuss Kim Foxx and Chicago’s Criminal Justice System

Van Susteren and Brantner Smith Discuss Kim Foxx and Chicago’s Criminal Justice System

By Steve Pomper

Newsmax Greta Van Susteren and NPA Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith discuss Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx’s destructive ideology (screenshot)

Newsmax’s Greta Van Susteren recently interviewed NPA’s national spokesperson Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith (Ret.), merging issues that should be considered linked. For example, the main subject was about how atrocious Cook County (Chicago) State’s Attorney, Kim Foxx, is at her job. Unless George Soros is doing her job evaluations, then she’s doing great! 

But, in this tragic case, as reported by FOX News, “Six-month-old Cristian Uvidia died from his injuries after the Sunday collision. The 14 and 17-year-old suspects reportedly stole a car and crashed into a pickup truck carrying the baby and other family members.”

To date, Kim Foxx has only charged those teenagers with misdemeanors. She may charge with felonies after an investigation, but why her impetus to charge so lightly?

The baby’s family distraught members are livid with Kim Foxx. The baby’s aunt, Anneliese Rivera, told Fox & Friends, “This is a daily occurrence in Chicago.” 

She wondered how Foxx can, “sleep at night, seeing my nephew’s picture on the screen, how you can see his face and think that his life meant absolutely nothing. You’re putting salt on our wounds. You’re not bringing us justice, and even if you do something, we will never get our baby back. Ever. There is no true justice.”

Rivera is right. How can Foxx scrub the image of that baby from her mind? How can she see those horrific consequences of criminal behavior and not want to ensure guilty parties fully pay for their crimes? Why does she constantly put the perpetrators first and the victims last?

After Sgt. Brantner Smith commented on all the progressive prosecutors in office; Van Susteren said, “You know, I can tell you when I practiced law, there was no such thing as a progressive prosecutor.” She said it’s, “catch and release… The cops catch and the… DAs essentially release….”

After the horrendous crash, captured on a neighbor’s surveillance video, bystanders performed CPR on the baby. Neighbor Shawn Walker said, “My main thing was so we could get a pulse back into the baby.”

Three other passengers, all family members ages 34, 17, and 7, were treated and released from the hospital. 

Sgt. Brantner Smith noted that leftist radicals will say, “We need more gun control, more gun laws. The problem is we need to prosecute people and put them in jail.”

That is so true. One thing criminals can’t do when they’re in jail or prison is commit crimes. Instead of punishing law-abiding gun owners for the illegal acts that criminals commit with guns, toss those criminals in jail. 

Van Susteren added an observation. “Courts are co-conspirators. She said when she was a practicing law, she couldn’t imagine judges not prosecuting cases, calling it a crisis. If they don’t want to enforce the laws, they shouldn’t be prosecutors…. As a consequence, the people pay for this on the streets. They get mugged and crashed into… everything else.”

According to Sgt. Brantner Smith, this abuse of prosecutor’s offices is also causing the cop exodus leftist jurisdictions across the country are seeing.

Rather than auto theft, Foxx charged the suspects with Criminal Trespass (to vehicle), a misdemeanor. The suspects reportedly stole the vehicle before the collision. They used to call this Auto Theft. But there has been a trend for years to reduce the severity of many offenses, especially for juveniles.

This is a trend Kim Foxx has made use of and has continued. She has said she isn’t going to run for reelection. Hopefully, Chicago voters will make a more reasonable choice when they next cast their votes.