The Wounded Blue Launches First-Ever “Survival Summit” for America’s Law Enforcement

Police Decertification: Who gets to decide who is a “bad cop?”

By Steve Pomper These days it’s crucial to define terms before engaging in any serious debate about an issue. And with the political left’s Orwellian redefining of terms to fit their ideology and control the narrative, it’s become even more essential. Take decertifying bad cops. Six states reportedly have no mechanism for decertifying “bad” police officers: Read more »

Cops: Harms Way Right Outside the Door

By Stephen Owsinski Harm’s way is no stranger to cops, and it is right outside the door of any police cruiser pretty much anywhere during duty hours. Whether situated in the shoulder on an interstate or traversing through an intersection on routine patrol or responding to a call for service, traffic woes remain prevalent. Although Read more »

Minnesota Prosecutor Will Not Prosecute Police Traffic Stops

By Steve Pomper What if you hired a lactose intolerant milkman and then he refused to deliver milk? You’d fire him, right? Well, perhaps voters in blue jurisdictions should also fire their public prosecutors. In L.A., they’re trying to do just that by recalling DA George Gascon. Like the milkman who won’t deliver milk, voters are Read more »

Small Agencies on the Brink

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Let’s define what a small agency is by doing some math. With 168 hours in every week, assuming a 40 hour week and we want 24-hour coverage, that will require 4.2 officers. Those officers will need to take sick leave, vacation, and holidays which could amount to 30 additional Read more »

Two Decades Since 9/11, Yesteryear Heroes Remain on the Job

By Stephen Owsinski It’s been two decades since two terrorist-hijacked planes slammed into two very tall world-renowned towers, both ultimately crumbling to the ground. Before, during and after the diabolical action, law enforcement officers were either already in the World Trade Center complex, rushing to it in attempts to salvage lives after the unspeakable happened, Read more »

Don’t shoot – here’s the money

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D If we haven’t had enough forehead slapping, eye-rolling, what the heck moments in the past year, here’s another: paying people not to shoot other people. Saying “Don’t shoot, here take my money” sounds more like a robbery than a social program, but some social engineers think it will save Read more »