So Many Soros-funded (Non) Prosecutors Because We Weren’t Paying Attention

So Many Soros-funded (Non) Prosecutors Because We Weren’t Paying Attention

By Steve Pomper 

I’m not here to convince you who should or shouldn’t hold a political office. However, as a retired cop, I will tell you what public policies I consider better for public safety versus others I view as destructive of the criminal justice system. And I will use examples that we’ve written about here at the NPA.

The NPA has committed many pages to the damage George Soros-funded prosecutors have done, including releasing felons who’ve then injured, even murdered, ordinary people and police officers. The following is a list of some prosecutors we’ve written about, some of whom the NPA has also taken other actions against, such as filing bar complaints.

Soros has funded millions (some say a billion) of dollars to install, as attorney and author Cully Stimson calls them, “rogue prosecutors” in office. What’s a rogue prosecutor? Easy: a prosecutor who doesn’t prosecute or prosecutes with disregard for equal justice.

But how did “Sorosites” do it? Embarrassingly easily. They remained aware when we didn’t. They targeted “vulnerable” jurisdictions as those where the people weren’t paying attention to who was running their prosecutor’s offices.

The following is a partial list of Soros-funded “rogue prosecutors” who’ve wreaked havoc on local public safety:

  • Racheal Rollins, Suffolk County DA (Boston, Mass.) (Gone!)
  • Larry Krasner, Philadelphia, PA, DA
  • Kim Foxx, Cook County (Chicago, IL.)
  • Chesa Boudin, San Francisco DA (Gone!)
  • Alvin Bragg, New York City DA (Manhattan)
  • George Gasçon, Los Angeles, CA DA

Stimson, speaking at Hillsdale College last month about the despicable Philly DA Krasner, said, “He celebrated on election night by calling himself a ‘public defender with power.’” That’s the way many—all—of them act.

Reportedly, Classy Krasner also referred to the “31 violent crimes prosecutors,” whom he immediately fired upon entering office, as “Ticks.”

And it’s not just Soros-funded prosecutors, who, like amoebas, these radical attorneys experience binary (or multiple) fission, they split. I call these mimics Soros-styled prosecutors who cause similar damage because they believe as radically as the funded species does. And apparently, they’ll do it for free.

Take former Seattle City Attorney “Pothead” Pete Holmes who teamed up with, as reported by KUOW (NPR), the lead at the Public Defender’s Office, Anita Khandelwal, to target the only tough (reasonable) judge on the Seattle Municipal Court, Ed McKenna. For what? For trying to hand down sentences that fit the crimes.

Well, sadly (but well-deserved), Judge McKenna is now retired. He did what he could to bring justice to a very sick system. Holmes was succeeded by—wait for it, Ann Davison, a law and order prosecutor. Yes, in Seattle! The sick Seattle/King County criminal justice system is still hobbling Davison at every turn.

Stimson emphasizes the numbers that tell these rouge prosecutors’ stories:

Krasner: Five years before his election in 2018, homicides averaged 271 per year. Since he’s been in office, the average has exploded to 457 annually. Okay, English major here, but if I use all my fingers and toes, even I can figure out that 457 is bigger than 271. Other violent and property crime categories have similarly shattered annual averages before he entered office.

Oh, and 83 percent of the victims were black. The very people Soros’ prosecutors claim they want to help most.

Foxx: Chicago has even worse numbers. Assuming office in 2017, the average number of homicides per year immediately soared from 510 to 600. More than 75 percent were black.

So, how did Soros and his demon allies get so many non-prosecuting prosecutors into office. By paying attention while the people weren’t and then pouring money into campaigns they favored.

They selected “down ballot” candidates running for district attorney or city/county prosecutor’s offices. The Sorosite’s motivation: “People don’t pay attention to these offices. Most people don’t even know who their prosecutor is.” I hate to agree with these anti-cop slime, but they’re right.

Even though cops make the initial arrests, bookings, and requesting of charges, they are not the gatekeepers of the legal system. They bring suspects to the criminal justice gates. Even judges (and juries), with all their power to convict, are also not the gatekeepers. The job of gatekeeper belongs to prosecutors. Cops can arrest as many criminals as they are able, but if the gatekeepers keep them from getting to the judges (juries), that doesn’t matter.

Prosecutors decide which charges to file or not file and against whom. They have many poison arrows in their quivers to decide either to prosecute or not almost by whim, if they are ethically challenged.

Take Rollins in Boston. She created a list of preemptively nullified classes of crimes she would not prosecute. This included the usual “quality of life” crimes but also resisting arrest (but only when it was the sole crime charged). These folks care nothing about your quality of life.

Rollins also “blacklisted” officers whom she would not allow to testify in court based on her disqualification for “misconduct” scheme. In 2020, the list included 54 Boston cops, 70 Mass. state troopers, and other Suffolk County city cops, and even “one IRS agent,” for a total of 136 LEOs.

These officials molest the “prosecutorial discretion” concept to avoid charging classes of crime rather than individual defendants. There’s nothing wrong with prosecutorial discretion on a case-by-case basis, which is how it should be—how it used to be—done. But it’s not discretion when you preemptively decline to charge specific crimes which have been legislated into effect.

Stimson said, “One of the hallmarks of the rogue prosecutor movement has been its usurpation of the constitutional role of state legislatures. Once elected, rogue prosecutors refuse to prosecute entire categories of crimes that are on the books in their states, justifying their refusal by claiming ‘prosecutorial discretion.’ But in fact, their refusal to prosecute crimes violates the separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches of government and distorts the entire legal system.”

When these malevolent prosecutors, who obstruct public safety, attain office because the wrong people were paying attention, they can assert that the people agree with my positions, and that’s why I’m in office. This despite most residents don’t even know the new prosecutor.

The reality is that the people who naturally want law and order weren’t paying attention. And the consequences of that lack of awareness are that the Soros prosecutors’ policies keep putting the people at extreme risk.

But, as we’ve seen far too much of these days, radicals don’t care about existing laws. They care only about adhering to their ideology and “winning” to keep or gain power. The thing is, people only need to pay a little attention. No deep dives are necessary.

Just surf on over to your city or county prosecutor’s or state attorney general’s website and read what they say about themselves. Then do a quick web search to find out what others say about the person and about other people who want the job. Then make up your own mind.

Take Rollins, again. Remember that list of crimes she said she would not prosecute? It was right there on her webpage for all to read—before she got into office.