Do All Americans Still Believe in Our Rights to Life and Liberty?

Bill Mandates Convicted Sex Offender Sit on Washington State Crime Policy Board

By Steve Pomper Washington State Capitol, Olympia, WA. (Credit: Wikicommons, Bluedisk Source)  Remember the days when we merely rolled our eyes, chuckled dismissively and promptly forgot the looney ideas some political folks come up with? Well, with the leftist extremists having hijacked so many (to use a “woke” word) spaces, i.e., media, academia, politics—the Swamp, sports, stamp Read more »

‘Paying the Piper’: Portland Public Safety Commish Emphasizes Damages of ‘Justice Reforms’

By Stephen Owsinski After the weekend stats were in regarding calls heeded by first responders, on Monday, October 2, 2023, Portland Public Safety Commissioner Rene Gonzalez publicly requested that people refrain from calling 9-1-1 unless life-and-death circumstances were present. Why? “Our 911 system is getting hammered this morning with a multiple-person incident — multiple overdoses Read more »