Corporate America Fleeing Anti-Police Locales

Corporate America Fleeing Anti-Police Locales

By Stephen Owsinski Citing “crime” and victimized employees, corporate America is making moves out of anti-police locales and conducting commerce in pro-police territories. I guess the cocky liberal leaders tacitly or openly touting anti-police sentiments never thought that corporate America, major money makers employing tens of thousands and contributing billions in tax dollars to government Read more »

George Soros Pledges to Keep Funding Pro-Criminal, Anti-Police Prosecutors

By Steve Pomper  “Bond-villain” George Soros is not sorry, or even having second thoughts, about funding ultra-leftist prosecutors like Alvin Bragg (New York City), Kim Foxx (Chicago), Larry Krasner (Philadelphia), and George Gascon (Los Angeles) for all the devastation they’ve inflicted on American communities. Instead, according to the New York Post, Soros “vows he won’t stop Read more »

Kids Hooked on ‘Casting with a Cop’

By Stephen Owsinski Despite the onslaught of guff constantly hurled at cops, they nevertheless develop and roll out ways to interact with the community. I thought I knew of most of the novel police programs…until I came across a multi-agency effort involved in a concept called “Casting with a Cop.” Similar to “Shop with a Read more »

Policing: Still the Gateway to Social Services

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Some positive conversations about non-law enforcement (NLE) response are ongoing in the aftermath of cries for police reform. The mythology that often underpins these conversations is that police have no skills or training to deal with persons in a mental health crisis and are prone to using deadly force Read more »

Local Cops Will Face Onslaught of Illegal Alien Criminals Due to Intentional Border Catastrophe

By Steve Pomper  One issue people aren’t talking enough about is how the Biden administration’s atrocious open border policy is affecting law enforcement agencies and cops across the country. As everyone has seen with the illegal alien “Con-Air” flights to cities all over America, every town has become a border town. And in every one of Read more »

Canines in Communities Have a Direct Effect on Crime Reduction

By Stephen Owsinski More dogs mean less crime in communities. “Man’s best friend” is just as formidable a sentry as officially certified on-duty police canines. That should come as no surprise, though. We can all agree on the stupidity of would-be criminals. But even knuckleheads know to steer clear of properties patrolled by the obvious Read more »

Cops Praise D.C. Police Commander Whom Marxist/Anarchist Militants Despise

By Steve Pomper  The Washington Post recently covered a story about a Washington D.C. police commander praised by his officers as a decisive, hands-on leader who is also despised by the radical leftist, Marxist, and anarchist militants frequently destroying property and assaulting cops. Of course, the Post attempts to paint the violent radicals as some quaint neighborhood community Read more »

Police Canine Shot Three Times, Will Return to Full Duty

By Stephen Owsinski Like their human counterparts, police canines take the hits yet rebound to fight crime another day. On July 22, 2022, one such law enforcement service dog and his human handler engaged a trio of malfeasants in the northeastern part of Florida. From First Coast News, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office received calls of Read more »