Philly FOP Has a Plan to Defeat Dreadful DA Larry Krasner at the Ballot Box

By Steve Pomper Philadelphia District Attorney, Larry Krasner, the George Soros (Bond villain)-funded piece of… work, is facing substantial, and creative, opposition in his upcoming primary for re-election. First, let’s review this vile creature that excretes a slime trail as he oozes his sleaze across the City of Brotherly Love. Breitbart reported Soros poured $1.7 million Read More >

Public Safety Professionals: Holding Each Other Up Through Unspeakable Trauma

By Stephen Owsinski It never ceases to amaze how cops and public safety professionals are not only fashioned to mitigate and survive the most grotesque circumstances on the planet but also to hold each other up to maintain vigilance in service to the community and its citizens. One of the latest examples of this is Read More >

Policing in the Wild

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D One interesting law enforcement specialty is wildlife enforcement. These officers are a mix of police officer, biologist, search and rescue specialist, public education officer, and organized crime fighter. Game wardens, park rangers, conservation agents or whatever title they use have responsibilities to human, animal, plant, and geological resource protection. Read More >

Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Cops’ Privacy Overriding Lower Court

By Stephen Owsinski The following case stemming from an officer-involved shooting resulting in the death of a man assailing Tallahassee police officers harkens back to the Ferguson, Missouri case involving then-police Officer Darren Wilson who shot and killed attacker Michael Brown in a case of crimes against justice. In the aftermath broadcast globally, Officer Wilson Read More >

Baltimore: Don’t Arrest Those Who Commit Crimes, Then Brag Crime Stats Are Decreasing

By Steve Pomper Baltimore’s lofty, looney, and lefty “leadership,” headed by State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, has decided to add more crimes to those it will not enforce. They effectively decriminalized leftist riots back in 2015, through non-enforcement. Remember when former Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said, “we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that Read More >

Cops Become the “Bad Guys” When People Don’t Understand the Reasons Behind Police Actions

By Steve Pomper We’ve been hearing disconcerting stories this past year about how poorly this pandemic has people treating one another in certain situations. This leads directly to another serious problem. Governments and private institutions setting up law enforcement officers as the bad guys. I’ve long opposed governments passing unnecessary laws that put cops in the Read More >

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