Portland: Adding “Gun Violence” Prevention Unit After Just Cutting “Gun Violence” Prevention Unit

By Steve Pomper Last year, in response to the radical’s call for defunding the Portland chapter of ACAB, the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) dismantled a specialty squad formed to prevent violent crime, particularly those committed with illegal firearms. So, violent crime, particularly firearms related, has soared in Portland since the defund the police “success.”  Portland defunded its police Read More >

Badges, Books, and Bike Rodeos

By Stephen Owsinski Whether on or off, a cop’s duty as a public servant is on a uniquely notable continuum. Although there are allusions to the precept that always on is not necessarily a good thing for human physiology, it is nevertheless a psychological thrill when investments translate to immediate dividends, punctuated by smiles all Read More >

Illinois Sheriff Retires: Police “Reforms” Won’t Let Him Do His Job

By Steve Pomper The NPA recently covered a story about Illinois’ new “Safe-T Act,” a supposed police “reform,” which is nothing but another pile of anti-police garbage. In her Epoch Times article, reporter Cara Ding expands on a previous article she’d written about the Illinois legislation but focusing on one sheriff and his reasons for leaving office and Read More >

Most Voters Want Congress to Investigate the 574 Violent Riots in 2020 that resulted in over 2,000 injured police officers as well as the January 6th riot at the US Capitol

A new national telephone and online survey taken by Rasmussen Reports, sponsored by the National Police Association, finds that 66% of Likely U.S. Voters think Congress should investigate the violent riots that engulfed the United States in 2020. Twenty one percent (21%) say no. Thirteen (13%) are not sure. Additionally, the poll found a majority Read More >

De-Policing Also Puts Firefighters at Risk

By Steve Pomper I recently wrote about the increased risk to folks in Washington State now that the Democrat-controlled legislature has passed anti-police, disguised as “police accountability,” bills into law (with only Democrat support: 32-0). According to law enforcement officials and cops on the streets, these laws are wreaking havoc making it so officers must figure Read More >

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