Darrell Hammond: ‘You know, I’ve had my life saved by cops since I was on SNL’

By Stephen Owsinsk Although it is a deeply personal story, uber-talented impersonator Darrel Hammond from “Saturday Night Live” fame is the subject matter regarding his life journey, candidly shared by him in “Cracked Up: The Darrell Hammond Story” (2018) which I recently watched on Netflix. I was intrigued by the entirety of this man’s story, Read More >

Power-Hungry County Executive Urges Elected Sheriff to Retire Though He’ll Be Appointing the Next Sheriff in Months

By Steve Pomper Many Democrats, especially at the activist and party level, have demonstrated they have an insatiable appetite for power. King County, Washington’s shady (Democrat) County Executive Dow Constantine, is calling for current elected Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht, not a right-winger, to end her tenure early and retire. This despite he’ll be selecting the next appointed Read More >

Florida Enacts Anti-Riot Bill, Backing the Blue and Bolstering Public Safety Principles

By Stephen Owsinsk Long overdue, some mouthwatering gains are being recorded in terms of state governments galvanizing against the riots we’ve witnessed decimate many cities across America. Thanks to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis penning approval of the Florida State Legislature’s HB1 — “Combating Public Disorder”— outlawing riot activity on the Sunshine State streets, law enforcement Read More >

Courageous Youngsters Learn to be Future Cops

By Stephen Owsinsk Notwithstanding the constant harangue of anti-cop voices signaling a police-free society, wise brains employing critical-thinking skills know better. And among those who possess a bright and robust outlook on the future of America are youngsters honing aspirations to be the next wave of law enforcement officers implementing serve and protect principles. Although Read More >

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