That’s What You Get! But Everyone Else Gets It Too.

That’s What You Get! But Everyone Else Gets It Too.

By Steve Pomper

Chicago, Illinois (Sanctuary City)

When I was a kid and got a minor injury because I did something stupid, my mother would say, “That’s what you get!”

I mean, Chicago voters get rid of one disastrous, anti-cop, pro-criminal mayor only to elect another mayor who may hate cops and love criminals even more. And there’s Chicago’s overwhelming support last election for the current federal regime responsible for a border crisis Chicagoans are finally opposing, not to mention the murder and mayhem they’ve been suffering for years (okay, I mentioned it).


What’s happening in America’s greatest illegal alien refuges? Do their mayors have that little self-awareness? Do they realize how stupid they look when they wail and gnash their teeth about an influx of illegal immigrants into their sanctuary cities that were designated explicitly to protect illegal aliens from federal immigration laws? 

While NYC Mayor Eric Adams is “deporting” illegal aliens from his sanctuary city to surrounding decidedly non-sanctuary cities, Chicago’s new Mayor Brandon Johnson, who has recently expressed support for the illegal influx, has his Biden regime “guests” shacking up with the cops inside CPD police precincts. 

The New York Post reported, “Shocking video shows Chicago police precincts overrun by makeshift shelters for migrants — with already overworked cops complaining of ‘zero assistance’ from the city.” 

So, Chicago’s radical leftist, anti-cop mayor is placing vulnerable “migrants” (some of whom Joe Biden has called “more American than Americans”) in proximity to those dreaded ACABs. But aren’t they the jack-booted, minority-hunting brutes whom Johnson has said communities must defund? What is Johnson he and the City Council thinking putting those poor folks so close to those “evil” cops?

Despite the radical leftists’ and legacy media’s negative notions about cops, there are numerous stories about CPD officers buying necessities for illegal aliens and even some goodies for the kids. That’s part of the uncomfortable nuance of the situation.

Though these people are breaking the law to come here, it’s hard for political conservatives (which include most frontline LEOs) to disregard that the current destructive federal border policies have essentially hung up a halogen “WELCOME” sign at the southern border. I’ve heard anywhere from five to seven million people have crossed the border illegally into the U.S. under the Biden regime. 

Still, it’s easy to sit on your couch, watch the news, and draw an impenetrable hardline against illegal immigration (which I do—generally. My mother was a legal alien). I heard a conservative criticize Chicago cops and CBP agents for giving stuff to illegal aliens. Making it “easier” for them after breaking the law. However, it’s much more difficult for cops to treat human beings as “criminals” (knowing they were lured here by cruel border policies) when you’re looking at a mom, dad, and their little boy or girl huddled on the floor.

Rebecca Brannon, who provided a video on Twitter, “‘I’m told just about every station is like this across the city [Chicago],’ she wrote alongside another clip showing trash strewn outside one station.”

According to Breitbart, “Newly sworn-in Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) welcomed border crossers and illegal aliens to the sanctuary city in his inaugural address on Monday just as black Chicagoans protest illegal immigration flooding their neighborhoods.”

In that address, Johnson said he believed Chicago has “enough room for everyone in the city of Chicago, whether you are seeking asylum or looking for a fully funded neighborhood.” But many black Chicagoans are veering away from the new mayor’s misplaced northern “hospitality.” 

CPD officers are unhappy with city hall’s dump and run policy, providing no direction to the cops for housing illegal immigrants. According to Ariel Parella-Aureli at, “The disruption at stations has created a juggling of duties for officers, some of whom feel frustrated there’s still no word from the city about what they should do.”

As I mentioned earlier, “As migrants sleep on the floors of police stations, officers said they feel inclined to do what they can to help — but they have no resources or guidance from city officials or the Police Department.”

One anonymous CPD officer said she’s “spent over $300” for “baby formula, clothes for children, and hygiene kits.” Cops especially understand that the kids had no choice when their parents accepted Biden’s “invitation” to cross the border. This crisis is on the current U.S. government, sanctuary cities, their parents, but not on the kids. 

One cop even reportedly gave a family an unused DVD to watch movies. Again, I understand not wanting to make people comfortable in their law-breaking. But this issue is multi-faceted, and those CPD officers are doing their best to deal with people, illegally in our country, with kindness and compassion, after being “invited in” by a devastatingly cynical political policy. 

Blame can be spread around, including to the people entering the country illegally. They still know it’s wrong regardless of the warped policies. But we can’t forget the primary culprits are sitting in their political ivory towers, not directly affected by their cruel policies. While the illegal immigrants, their children, the American people, including their law enforcement officers, continue to pay a high price (literally) for their recklessness.