Rep. Ayanna Pressley released an extensive proposal to overturn America’s criminal justice system

Rep. Ayanna Pressley released an extensive proposal to overturn America’s criminal justice system

The comprehensive anti-law enforcement plan, according to Pressley, is created to fix a racist, intolerant, rogue, and essentially flawed system. Pressley’s proposal exceeds the criminal justice reform platforms floated by 2020 Democrats– including Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.), whom Pressley has recommended as well as campaigned with. The Pressley plan is a shopping list of what the anti-police wing of the political class would certainly implement at the national level, and what state-level progressives are already trying.

Pressley’s plan lays out a broad framework followed by a shopping list of policies that the freshman congresswoman would like to see implemented throughout the nation. Front and center is the decriminalization or legalization of so-called victimless crimes. The legalization of drug use and prostitution reaches Pressley’s even more basic strategy to decriminalize “low-level offenses” such as loitering as well as burglary of necessity products. Her plan adheres to the playbook of modern “progressive prosecutors” such as newly elected San Francisco district attorney Chesa Boudin. Boudin has promised to decline to prosecute quality of life criminal offenses such as loitering, offering or soliciting sex, public urination, and also blocking a walkway, and instead promises to target cops.

The strategy extends a similar promise to illegal immigrants unlawfully crossing the border. Pressley follows the lead of several 2020 Democrats who have advocated for stopping deportation and decriminalizing unlawful entry even though research reveals that prosecution decreases successful illegal reentry. Pressley would additionally terminate all collaboration between local and federal law enforcement on immigration, kneecapping immigration enforcement in the United States.

It is doubtful exactly how much of an impact radical changes like these would have on incarceration numbers. The majority of those jailed at the state-level are held for significant offenses; the plurality of federal wrongdoers are drug traffickers, with another large share encountering weapons charges. To put it simply, Pressley’s proposal would certainly do little to shrink the prison population, yet do a good deal to make quality-of-life enforcement harder for police.

At the same time, Pressley’s plan would considerably enhance pressure on those exact police departments as well as criminal prosecutors. It would implement Department of Justice oversight over local police departments, interfere with prosecutorial discretion, and also prohibit making use of algorithmic policing systems. These systems educate police as to where in their jurisdiction crimes are taking place (hot spots) to allow for an efficient deployment of resources.  Pressley apparently thinks that is evil.

Pressley’s proposal further claims that an entire host of other progressive policy goals are needed for completing criminal justice “reform”. In order to rebuild the communities most hurt by the failed policy of “mass incarceration” Pressley calls for a government housing, taxpayer funding for abortion, an Eco-friendly New Deal, and reparations for slavery.

Progressive prosecution, an end to cash bail, and other criminal justice reforms have actually come to be a hallmark of the Democratic party going in to the 2020 elections. Modern prosecutors such as San Francisco’s Boudin and also Philadelphia’s Larry Krasner, backed by millions in funds from George Soros, have promoted liberalizing changes at the regional level. Not to be surpassed, Democrats seeking their party’s nomination for president have pushed out comparable proposals while turning up the heat on America’s police forces.

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