Coddling Criminals, Corruption, and Rising Crime

Coddling Criminals, Corruption, and Rising Crime

By Steve Pomper

Seattle City Hall next to King County Admin Building with King County Jail in Background

As I prepared to submit this article, along with other horrified Americans, I was outraged by the carnage Hamas savages recently inflicted on Israeli (and two dozen other nations’) men, women, and children. For NPA purposes, I thought, while offering my condolences to the grieving families, I’d express my admiration and awe at the Israeli police officers, some 37 of them murdered, some of whom were slaughtered as they reportedly used their bodies to shield young people attending a music festival from the Hamas maelstrom.


Melding this inhuman attack into this article, in America, reports indicate foreign terrorists, possibly including Hamas, have illegally crossed into the U.S. at the southern border. Many illegal aliens are committing crime across America. How many radical jihadist cells are forming—have formed?

If I were a good union terrorist, I’d head for that open border. And who are the first to respond to these crimes, including terrorist attacks? American cops. Yet, we still have many radical anti-cop activists calling for defunding or abolishing the police here in the U.S., something you probably never hear in Israel.

Mass trial of illegal aliens, Pecos, Texas under the Trump Administration

Will armed terrorists in the U.S., crammed into SUVs and pickups, eventually drive into urban and suburban neighborhoods maybe even the rural countryside to perpetrate the horrors on Americans that Hamas is now perpetrating on Israelis? You know they want to.

This is especially concerning in blue areas where people oppose self-defense rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment. Don’t think the terrorists haven’t thought about this. And they’ll choose the places where people are less likely to be armed. And it will be America’s street cops who will respond first.  

Some officials are finally learning (the hard way) the folly of defunding the police, like Minnesota political party official Shivanthi Sathanandan, who was assaulted while being

carjacked in Minneapolis. And, others, like uber-radical, anti-cop activist Ryan Carson, can’t learn the lesson because they’re dead. A suspect allegedly stabbed Carson to death in front of his girlfriend on a New York City street.


How uber-radical was he? Carson publicly celebrated the death of conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh. It takes an evil ideology to publicly celebrate a political opponent’s cruel demise from cancer. As for his cop-hating, Andy Ngo reported Carson had also tweeted, “The police do not protect you. ACAB. BLM.” 

But too many officials are not learning the lesson, making violent crime, including terrorism, more likely. For example, extremist King County Councilman Girmay Zahilay recently whined about it being “unrealistic” to put “criminals in jail” because “our criminal legal systems are at a ‘breaking point.” Overpopulated and understaffed.

Even The Seattle Times got in on Zahilay’s act with an editorial “Seattle can’t enforce laws until King County fixes jail staffing.” How convenient to have yet another excuse not to enforce the law. Hey, Times. Haven’t you heard? Seattle already won’t let cops enforce many laws.

So how did the jail get to that “breaking pointif it is genuinely full? After all, Zahilay is a defund/abolitionist allied with the equally radical King County Department of Public Defense Anita Khandelwal. They want the system to fail. 

Heading the county’s defense team, Khandelwal can be forgiven for siding with thugs. However, Councilman Zahilay cannot be. As Rantz puts it, the two officials “call out proponents of a ‘tough on crime’ approach to the region’s crime crisis.” In other words, they oppose stuff that works to reduce crime. 

Zahilay wrote an editorial feigning concern about “a lack of resources within King County’s criminal legal system.” The resources he’s been fighting, too successfully, to defund. Because of the efforts of people like him, the King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) is having trouble recruiting and retaining deputies for patrol and the jail. 

Rantz wrote, “[Zahilay] voted to defund the… (KCSO), moving millions earmarked for law enforcement to diversion programs that don’t work. He doesn’t miss an opportunity to villainize cops, helping activists set the stage for the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP), declaring a rally ‘peaceful’ while a man was shouting threats against cops. KCSO has a staffing crisis because few want to work under rabidly anti-police lawmakers.”

“But Zahilay blames this — and the other staff openings — on a “national labor crisis. Right,” Rantz added.

Incredibly, King County voters recently voted to have their sheriff appointed (by a leftist county executive) rather than elected by the voters. Talk about Stockholm Syndrome. If anyone thought that vote would improve hiring and retaining deputies, I understand why they voted that way. They’re stupid.  

Zahilay supported all of the post-George Floyd BLM/Antifa nonsense that spawned anti-police laws disguised as “police reform,” which has produced police staffing decreases that have led to crime increases.

To further show his deviousness in wanting to solve a problem he helped to create but is pretending he didn’t, “Zahilay also voted against a contract to transfer inmates from the overcrowded downtown King County Jail to the South Correctional Entity (SCORE) facility in Des Moines.”

This isn’t about a lack of resources he helped create. And this is not just about defunding the police. This is about his desire to abolish the criminal justice system. He’s a Marxist revolutionary who wants to tear down America so he and his kind can rebuild in their image: a mythical communist Utopia.

I don’t think this guy’s ever met a criminal undeserving of coddling. Steal a car and drive it into a pot shop—that’s cool! Get a couple of comrades, break into a mom-and-pop restaurant, and rip off their livelihood—no worries believes Zahilay.

What drug crimes? And why even file charges for property crimes? That’s what insurance is for, right? Besides, it’s all reparations, anyway. Insurance companies won’t raise premiums, even after multiple incidents, right?

And, as Rantz pointed out about these “minor” crimes, “First…, they’re [drug crimes] almost always connected to another crime, such as assault or robbery. Second, felonious property crime is serious — it doesn’t just impact the victim whose property was destroyed; it impacts the neighbors who feel less safe. These criminals almost always graduate to more serious crimes, which would be prevented if they were in jail.”

King County Councilman Girmay Zahilay

But, no. Zahilay has more criminal coddling to do. Check out this manure from his Marxist-addled mind, “There exists a pervasive narrative that the public safety crisis could be solved if local governments just prosecuted and jailed more people for property and drug offenses. If we were ‘tougher on crime,’ some say, these problems would go away. The individuals who push such ideas, however, have never uttered a sensible plan for how to increase prosecution and incarceration in our current reality.”

So, here’s the formula: create a situation where there aren’t enough resources to prosecute and incarcerate criminals, and then accuse your opponents (enemies) of having no “sensible plan” to fix it, according to your definition. Nice how that works, eh? I was a street cop for over two decades in a city that was blue before blue was a thing. I saw when law enforcement worked and when it didn’t. The more the radical leftists interfered with the criminal justice system, the less effect the cops had on crime.

I recall a study our bosses told us about back in the ‘90s after drug-dealing gangbangers had stopped moving to Seattle from SoCal. Eventually, they went back to L.A. When asked why they left Seattle, the consensus was every time they showed up on a corner to deal, five cop cars would arrive in the area to keep them company.

Earlier, I used enemies parenthetically. But radicals like Zahilay are cultural enemies not mere political opponents. The police and cop supporters are battling them to protect and, in some places, restore traditional America and conventional law enforcement—the kind that works.

Rantz nailed it with this X-post response to the Marxist councilman:

What is more gaslighting than people like Zahilay telling us fewer predators in prison will make us safer? Pretending is not a plan for success; it’s a plan for disaster. A disaster Seattle/King County and other blue-hued jurisdictions are currently dealing with. And the devastation will continue as long as voters keep putting Marxist criminal coddlers in office.

But this is still America, so Zahilay can say and think whatever he wants, as it should be. But he doesn’t get to make us say and think whatever he wants.