Cops Strive to Maintain the Moral High Ground

Cops Strive to Maintain the Moral High Ground

By Steve Pomper I’m reading True Believer, a book written by former U.S. Navy SEAL Jack Carr from his James Reece series about an ex-Navy SEAL. This book series generated the immensely popular TV series, The Terminal List, starring Chris Pratt, based on the series’ first novel. The character evolves throughout the book series, going from a somewhat Read more »

That’s What You Get! But Everyone Else Gets It Too.

By Steve Pomper Chicago, Illinois (Sanctuary City) When I was a kid and got a minor injury because I did something stupid, my mother would say, “That’s what you get!” I mean, Chicago voters get rid of one disastrous, anti-cop, pro-criminal mayor only to elect another mayor who may hate cops and love criminals even more. Read more »

Bills Backing the Blue Course Through Congress

By Stephen Owsinski As we wrap up another National Police Week paying homage to fallen law enforcement officers and embracing their loved ones, police-supporting legislative bills are being authored by various representatives in the U.S. Congress. Each Congressional bill authored by various lawmakers is duly catalyzed by elected officials with keen eyes and motivated minds Read more »

Accountability and Transparency

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D In 2020, Edward Bronstein, whose autopsy showed “extreme methamphetamine intoxication” died while being restrained during a blood draw for a driving under the influence arrest. Seven California law officers and one nurse were charged with manslaughter. In 2019 Mario Terruso, arrested after he wandered into a home incoherent and Read more »

Florida Gov. DeSantis Strengthens Public Safety with Bevy of ‘Law-and-Order’ Bills

By Stephen Owsinski On May 1, 2023, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis once again galvanized the Sunshine State’s sovereignty against ludicrous woke ideologies, increasingly supporting the brave men and women who place themselves on the frontlines, ensuring public safety on behalf of citizens and visitors. Governor DeSantis put pen to legislative papers, signing “into law his Read more »

DOJ, Seattle PD Move to Lift Bogus Federal Consent Decree

By Steve Pomper BLM Demonstration May 2020, Seattle One problem with the mainstream media reporting on the bogus consent decree former President Barack Obama’s DOJ inflicted on the Seattle Police Department is how quickly they (conveniently) forgot just how controversial (and bogus) it was. The reporting from outlets such as The Seattle Times act as if Read more »

Betraying Public Safety with Kid-Gloves Hiring Policies

By Stephen Owsinski We’ve seen what happens when a metropolis municipality lowers its hiring standards to fill vacant slots of police officers. In Memphis, Mr. Tyre Nichols, 29, perished at the hands of rogue cops who were ushered in by rather casualized requirements and handed justice shields. Sadly, they all tarnished the badges that, nationally, Read more »

Is It Too Soon to Say I Told You So?

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D One way to reduce crime rates is to redefine it so that it is no longer a crime. Want to eliminate arrests for armed robbery? Make stealing things from people by threatening them with violence a social problem, mental health issue, or public health concern, but not a crime. Read more »