Street Cop Training Defamed by New Jersey Regulators

North Carolina Law Enforcement Training: When More is Not Better

By Steve Pomper North Carolina State Capitol, Raleigh (Jim Bowen, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0,) When divided factions like radical leftists and traditional Americans both support more/better training for cops, you’d think that would be a good thing. But not necessarily. First, ask what each group means by more/better training. For example, I remember when our department Read more »

U.S. Senator Speaks Candidly: ‘I See a Dangerous Future if We Don’t Find Ways to Stand Up for Law Enforcement’

By Stephen Owsinski Surely, it doesn’t take a sentient to figure out that cops were and continue to be shortchanged on almost everything over the past handful of years. The country is in shambles. Law and order has morphed into rampant unlawful acts and dire disorder. The hardcore truth regarding pander-prone politics and movements involving Read more »

As Cops Put in the Work, Some Bleeding-Heart District Attorneys Issue ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Cards

By Stephen Owsinski It’s been long enough that some district attorneys, supposedly sworn to represent the people (citizens) in our society, have done the exact opposite by betraying their oath and the constituents (voters) by swiftly liberating violent offenders back on the streets. What could go wrong? On January 27, 2024 (a Saturday), two NYPD Read more »

The Compliance Crisis

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Compliance is a dirty word to Americans. We want to hold to our rebellious ancestry and our modern narcissism. Add to this the oft-repeated narrative that the police will kill you for having a license plate light burned out and the message that if the cops fight you they’ll Read more »

Border Patrol Abruptly Abandons Social-Media ‘Transparency,’ Cites Personnel Shortages

By Stephen Owsinski On November 26, 2023, the U.S. Border Patrol chief posted an apology for shelving the agency’s social media account, citing the ongoing migrant surge and its “unprecedented flow,” necessitating all personnel to staff the frontlines. The sudden announcement to shutter the federal agency’s social media accounts that provide imagery and statistics regarding Read more »

Floundering Prosecutors Failing

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D In police reform language, sometimes accountability seems to mean unforgiving, zero-tolerance criminal prosecution of police officers. The vast majority of times when a police officer’s decision is criticized by skeptics the facts, if allowed to be known and explored, weigh in favor of the officer. An Austin, TX, police Read more »