Cop-Haters Pummel Good Officer for One-Sided Recording of Out-of-Context Comments

Cop-Haters Pummel Good Officer for One-Sided Recording of Out-of-Context Comments

By Steve Pomper Police Officer with Body-Worn Camera   The radical left’s usual suspects, including the media are pummeling a veteran Seattle Police Department (SPD) officer over incomplete, out of context comments he made after his role in a tragic fatality collision investigation. Reportedly, a police officer responding to an overdose call struck a pedestrian.   Read more »

DOJ Wanted to Tell Al Sharpton About Not Prosecuting Fake CBP Whipping Case, but Not Agents

By Steve Pomper A scene in a 1994 Friends episode nailed how I feel about Joe Biden’s treatment of law enforcement officers. To paraphrase, “It’s not that [Biden] is bad, it’s … it’s that [he’s] so bad, [he] makes me want to put my finger through my eye, into my brain, and swirl it around!” In a previous NPA article about U.S. Read more »

No Cops Allowed

By Steve Pomper I thought we were over this moronic nonsense, but I guess not. However, that this incident happened in San Francisco makes a strange sort of sense in a nonsensical way. What do I mean? A business still refusing to serve cops would be in San Fran, right?  According to the San Francisco Standard, the Read more »

New Illinois Law Makes It Easier for Foreign Operatives to Become Cops

By Steve Pomper Some time ago, I wrote about the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) establishing police departments abroad, including in the United States. The communists apparently use these agencies to intimidate and gain leverage against Chinese dissidents in America, sometimes threatening their relatives back in China. Who knows what other nefarious activities they have planned? Now, Read more »

Retired Seattle P.D. LT’s Exit Letter Torches City and Department Leadership

By Steve Pomper Seattle Police Dept. East Precinct during 2020 CHOP/CHAZ debacle Some people get writer’s block, struggling to put words on the page. Others, like recently retired Seattle police Lieutenant Jessica Taylor, seem to suffer from a writer’s logjam—that finally breaks. She had so much built-up over her 23 “soul-draining” years on the SPD that Read more »