As Cops Put in the Work, Some Bleeding-Heart District Attorneys Issue ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Cards

As Cops Put in the Work, Some Bleeding-Heart District Attorneys Issue ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Cards

By Stephen Owsinski

It’s been long enough that some district attorneys, supposedly sworn to represent the people (citizens) in our society, have done the exact opposite by betraying their oath and the constituents (voters) by swiftly liberating violent offenders back on the streets. What could go wrong?

On January 27, 2024 (a Saturday), two NYPD cops were thrown to the ground and violently beaten by a gang of migrants outside a Migrant Center where they were being housed by taxpayer dollars.

The vicious cycle continues—that statement applies to both influences over the criminals’ recidivism and the elected prosecutors catalyze the revolving door at criminal justice processing hubs.

Oh, the ironies in life!

The popular, long-running TV show “Law & Order” is still airing as a fan favorite among entertainment choices for viewers. But its primary figure, District Attorney Jack McCoy, played by Sam Waterston, a tenured actor on the hit series, is stepping down after more than three decades acting as a Big Apple prosecutor whose no-bones portrayal of a tough-on-crime justice-seeking people’s attorney is unambiguous.

Too bad he is acting; we sure can use District Attorneys with his persona.

One of Sam Waterston’s statements delivered to the press covering his departure, published by the New York Post, is this: “Somebody is expecting things of you, and you need to deliver.”

Indeed, no matter the context, he exhibited that in his fictional character: one that gave no favor…whether a world-famous celeb or a tidying custodian; always employed critical thinking with complex cases involving myriad parties; studiously counseled his subordinate prosecutors through potential legal loopholes; and, no less important, worked closely/diligently with NYPD detectives piecing the puzzles together so that justice is delivered to victims.

Despite the make-believe scripts the show’s writers studiously put together, there are usable lessons for a certain Manhattan DA to incorporate in his official capacity. If only…

In a related article recently published by the National Police Association, we see/learn of the debacle on the world-renowned streets of iconic Times Square, where/when a scene of savagery entailed a gang of illegal migrants engaged in a violent frenzy by pushing, punching, and kicking two fully-uniformed New York City policemen. A few of these malcontents even tried to unholster the cops’ service weapons such as firearms and Tasers.

One grabbed at one police officer’s radio, a crime otherwise known as “Depriving of a communication device” (albeit not charged in this despicable battering incident). Although the violent attack has many moving parts in the footage, it appeared one of the perpetrators did unloose one cop’s radio and kicked it down the sidewalk, depriving access to call for backup.

In real-life context, New York City District Attorney Alvin Bragg evaded local media reporters but subsequently took to the mic, in response to his swiftly liberating the five illegal-immigrant perpetrators, all of whom are no strangers to criminality and cartel-like carnage deliveries, after they kamikaze-style teed up on two of New York’s Finest.

The implications of DA Bragg’s statement that “we have to make sure we have the right people charged with the right crime” is yet another kick to the jaws of police officials. Call me biased but that sounds like he is distrustful of the police investigatory work conducted, pursuant to the grotesque assaults—a near-fatal attack on NYPD cops that the world was exposed to via media outlets.

Despite being released with or without bail, each cop-battering arrestee was issued a court date. That would not necessarily be the case if the DA doubted probable cause for the charges imposed by the NYPD.

My take: He had to say something…and came up with that toilet-paper-strong, flimsy notion to deflect attention away from him/his office and back on the police officers who were there, both beaten and/or involved in netting the suspects recorded on NYC’s elaborate surveillance system (especially at busy-crossroads Times Square).

Mr. Bragg has other elected holding higher authority and overseeing his work as the Manhattan DA…weighing in and taking chomps at his prosecutorial deficiencies.

Eating Their Own

According to a report published by The Hill, New York State Governor Kathy Hochul was asked about this incident, specifically what she thought about DA Bragg’s decision to hand out get-out-of-jail-free cards to all involved cop-beaters. She called for deportation…

“Get them all and send them back,” Hochul said in a clip aired on CNN “This Morning.” “You don’t touch our police officers. You don’t touch anybody.” Novel concept from someone who hasn’t exactly been a devout supporter of sanctified cities but, instead, sanctuary cities aiding and abetting those who traipsed in illegally (cared for at taxpayer expense). The border is open, not secured, allowing the steady and significant creep in, too often resulting in assaults on cops and victimization of bona fide citizens.

“I think that’s actually something that should be looked at. I mean, if someone commits a crime against a police officer in the state of New York, and they’re not here legally, definitely worth checking into,” Hochul said.

Given the NYPD’s defunding experiences leading to plein-air telegraphs from politicos that severely weakened law and order principles, Gov Hochul recently went on a publicity run regarding law enforcement funding. As reported by City & State New York, “We’re not defunding police,” Hochul said. “We are really ramping up funding in police, so all that era is over.” (Sigh…but we’ll visit that in a separate article.)

“That era” loudly signaled to miscreants that the system was more on their side, like wholesale leniency (aka You’ll get away with it). Well, shucks…

Imagine that. Bad actors took complete advantage of that, placing cops all over America in the crosshairs of eyes envisioning violent means: Police ambushes; grotesque disrespect for the badge and justice principles; in-your-face confrontations instigated by protesters, seemingly designed to antagonize law enforcement officers on the frontlines.

From a DA-betraying standpoint, malicious prosecutions of cops doing what they are trained to do were death knells fueling the still-burgeoning exodus of courageous cops whose dignity was demoralized, to say the least.

In that same City & State New York article, Gov. Hochul specified that she “would propose boosting state funding for district attorneys’ offices from $18 million to $52 million in her executive budget to help criminal cases move more swiftly.” Not quite sure how to take this tidbit… Whether “swiftly” or otherwise, as long as prosecutors prosecute and uphold people’s rights while adhering to constitutional tenets for all parties involved: victims, witnesses, and alleged perpetrators.

Also issuing an eye-poke to DA Bragg’s foolish decision, New York State Attorney General Letitia James punctuated textbook judiciary formulas in place for prosecutors to exercise on behalf of victims:

“Despite the fact that they have allegedly fled to Florida, the long arm of the law will find these individuals, [and] they will be arrested,” said New York Attorney General Letitia James, as reported by Fox5 News.

“Any time there’s an assault on a police officer, which is a very serious offense, it is bail eligible and bail should be sought,” said Governor Kathy Hochul. “Meaning right now, they should be sitting in Rikers.”

No argument with that last sentence. But ”bail eligible”? Meaning…the DA’s office had the option and declined to apply it? Why?

Mr. Bragg also cited that this is an “ongoing investigation.” There are at least five elements of this caper who we may never hear from again, as they have reportedly fled New York (after flipping the bird upon release from jail), their whereabouts unknown.

According to the Republican Security Council, “Boada [one of the five suspects released without bail] and four others were described by the District Attorney as ‘undocumented migrants.’” How does that inspire confidence in any of them suddenly going straight, showing up for court, and maybe even adopting the decency to never flip the bird at anyone again?

“We do not tolerate people assaulting police officers, but in a court of law, our profound obligation is to make sure we have the right people charged with the right crimes,” Bragg told the media at a presser.

That first part doesn’t jibe with fastidiously freeing the five assailants. The second half, again, implies he does not harbor faith in good ole police work. In that case, he seems better suited to being a public defender.

The two cops in this Times Square beat put in the work and were victimized twice: Once by the pack of migrants and then by the DA who is on the criminal justice team but playing for the wrong side.