Brainwashing Politicos Dwarfed by Police Perseverance

Brainwashing Politicos Dwarfed by Police Perseverance

By Stephen Owsinski

The I told ya so crowd deserves heralding; there was really never an iota of doubt that politicos went whacko with anti-police scripts emboldening criminality. Police are not the problem and continue to persevere despite the quacky quest of political brainwashers unrelentingly retailing a shameful vision of a police-less society.

The increasingly lawless streets in locales where the biggest brainwashers govern offer prevalent evidence refuting politicians’ rhetoric. And they are responsible for all of our society’s casualties stemming from their godawful policies.

Do you know that a carriage ride in New York City somehow attracted a “maniac” from the many emboldened free-for-allers roaming the streets, punching a horse square in the face? Of the many liberal enclaves whose elected officials failed the public safety mission miserably, Mayor Bill de Blasio is an Olympiad in that specific feat.

He is also noted for sinister remarks made against NYPD personnel in 2014.

Per a Washington Examiner piece outlining the outrageous anti-police statements implying racism and bias, de Blasio bizarrely cast aspersions against his own police force.

“In 2014, Mayor de Blasio, 58, ignited a firestorm when, two weeks before two New York police were murdered, he suggested many officers were racist. ‘I have had to talk to [my son] Dante for years about the dangers that he may face,’” de Blasio said.

“A good young man, law-abiding young man, who would never think to do anything wrong. And yet, because of a history that still hangs over us, the dangers he may face, we’ve had to literally train him — as families have all over this city for decades — in how to take special care in any encounter he has with the police officers who are there to protect him.’”

Everyone should recognize that “special care” of which he speaks, otherwise known as responsibility to live a law-abiding life as a civic-minded citizen. Even when that covenant does not pan out as planned, diplomatic interactions with police need not result in any adversarial impasse whatsoever…based on mutual respect and constitutional rights to have your day in court.

Also, it is quite bold of Hizzoner de Blasio to claim to know what families all over the city are doing, misleading people to believe fallacies based on his word, nothing more.

At long last, recklessness and ineptitude will soon be replaced as the present mayoral race in New York City is coming to the fore. I know my family in the Big Apple is eager to see de Blasio’s departure—my NYPD blue family even more so. Years of torment under his reign is long overdue; cops know this all too well.

Do you realize that New York Governor Mario Cuomo recently declared a gun violence epidemic? The New York Daily News published “We’re in a new epidemic: Cuomo issues first-in-nation disaster emergency on gun violence in N.Y.” One could easily argue failed political leadership is the epidemic.

Speaking of another brainwashing mayor who has no hesitancy blaming cops for all city woes…

Did you see the headlines posting volumes of shootings and homicides over the holiday weekend, mostly in liberal-run jurisdictions where cops are more or less hampered by the likes of mayoral oddities? It’s sadly a Chicago regularity —especially on holiday weekends— and police officers trying to do the job with minimal resources in a city marred by rampant crime and a mayor in denial know far better the reality of it all.

Did you realize that Chicago police officers have been working the mean streets without a contract for four years? They still show up, though, knowing spoken vows are galvanized with actions.  

Although I do not know what jurisdiction encountered the following attack on police officers during a Independence Day celebration, the description depicts disgusting behavior targeting cops working for everyone’s safety and enjoyment. Our LEOs were on the short end of the despicable stick, though:

“There hasn’t been a day in my nearly 20-year career where I could say that I hated my job, until July 4th, 2021. Even after the day I was shot at in 2007, I still loved my job. I have never witnessed the things I saw last night, until July 4th, 2021.

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“My fellow officers and I had fireworks shot directly at us, fireworks were thrown underneath our vehicles, several of us were hit with fireworks. That black spot on my cheek is an injury from being hit in the face with a firework. People were laughing at us and telling us they hoped people would keep doing what they were doing.

“I have never seen such evil, until July 4th, 2021. I still can’t believe the amount of disrespect we saw tonight and not just towards us, but towards humankind. There were infants and children in the crowds while fireworks were being shot in our direction, they did not care. The amount of trash that littered the streets was unbelievable, they did not care. No respect for their neighbors or neighborhood, they did not care. It is actually quite sad…the things I saw tonight. I have never hated my job until July 4th, 2021.”

Naturally, fellow officers embraced her sentiments and rallied behind her like cops do for one another, one cop pillaring a bad shift while also reiterating the objective: “Keep those words close to your heart. Whether you’re flying high at the top of the rollercoaster or scraping along at the bottom, this message will keep you on track for a little longer: Hold the line. Keep the faith. Most of all, weather this storm. It won’t last forever. Live to serve.” Perseverance, indeed.

Fair to assume that ugly experience happened in one of our cities overrun with anti-police activists likely implored by local governance which reduced law and order to a caricature. Even if that presumption is incorrect, this is what the job has been reduced to. Yet…they stand strong and return for dutiful service.

Did you hear that a recent Minnesota House Session had hiccups when a certain faction of state senators requested other senators to remove Thin Blue Line lapel pins? And it was at a special ceremony for a Waseca police officer whose career ended when he was shot in the line of duty, taking a bullet to the head. He was in attendance when a Republican senator who wrote a pro-police proclamation in his honor was able to muster bipartisan support for it. That’s great!

But police pins were a problem?

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According to Alpha News MN, Senator John Jasinski (R) wrote the bill honoring Minnesota Officer of the Year 2020, Arik Matson.

Rose Williams reported, “Senate President Jeremy Miller, R-Winona, announced that he had received multiple complaints about the Thin Blue Line pins several members were wearing to show their support for the Minnesota Police Officer of the Year.”

In response to the lapel pin impasse, Senator Jasinski said, “I will respect your decision to remove my pin, but I was doing it in respect for our law enforcement officer today while he was in the Senate.

“In a statement, Jasinski noted that while a Senate rule does ‘prohibit advocacy,’ it has rarely been invoked for the ‘hundreds of different lapel pins worn by both parties.’” Sounds like same ole Good for Thee but not for Me.

Senator Jasinski: “In an era when it isn’t the popular position to show support for those fighting against crime, I’m proud to back our law enforcement professionals.”

Underscoring our title today, Mr. Jasinski concluded that Officer Matson was selected as the Minnesota Officer of the Year “for his advocacy and perseverance in recovery.” Despite the lapel pin wrangling among some senators, Officer Matson deserved every word of praise, every bit of applause, and the opening prayer attributing perseverance of our police in an anti-cop climate echoes loud and clear:

Officer Matson’s story is awe-inspiring and mimics many other law enforcement officers who unhesitatingly put it all on the line, especially in the face of a certain brand of politicians who seem to enjoy spinning propaganda while also coddling criminal elements entirely responsible for punching horses in the face, shooting carelessly during celebratory days, denying decency with regard to police labor principles, and couching cop shops with defunding measures countering everyone’s welfare and public safety.