Blinding Example of Removing Lady Justice’s Blindfold

Blinding Example of Removing Lady Justice’s Blindfold

By Steve Pomper

Many recent cultural catchphrases converge in current stories, like gaslightingno one’s above the law, mostly peaceful protests, and insurrection

I know cops who were accused of an appearance of impropriety (gratuities: coffee, meals, dry cleaning discounts, small gifts, etc.), and who were investigated for “honesty” offenses (Can you imagine that in light of what we’re seeing from radical leftist politicians today?). The point is the vast majority of cops’ oaths and integrity matters.

Regarding the catchphrases I mentioned above, while researching this article, I read a piece at The Federalist by Adam Johnson about how the government treated him compared with his J6 federal prosecutor after being arrested. It was notable because it is a story of a sort of cosmic justice traditional Americans appreciate. And it contains all of the catchphrases listed above.

In the article, Johnson introduced himself as “The Lectern Guy.” Why? Because, at the Capitol on Jan. 6th, 2021, Johnson writes, he was “photographed smiling and waving as I was carrying then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s podium through the Capitol rotunda. Suffice it to say, the authorities did not look kindly on what I did, and I was later arrested.”

They held him in isolation for four days after which they finally allowed him to shower before bringing him to a federal courtroom in Tampa, FL. There he met haughty Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick Scruggs, his “American flag pin” affixed to his lapel. Regardless, Johnson acknowledged, “I was the criminal here today.” 

There are many current issues that converge in this story. No one is above the law is something traditional Americans pleads for, and radical leftists crap on. About Johnson’s misdemeanor crime spree, Scruggs offered the court, “Everyone should be held accountable for their crimes.” True, but we know they’re not.

Here’s the part that sets up a later unamusing punchline. Johnson wrote, “Scruggs implored the magistrate to set conditions of my release to match my supposed crimes:” trespassing and—I guess—the Felonious Carrying of a Federal Podium in the First Degree. Non-violent offenses.

Johnson’s conditions for release included:

  • Firearms confiscation (for a non-DV, non-violent misdemeanor).
  • Passport confiscation. 
  • Court-ordered ankle monitor. 
  • Court-ordered random drug tests. 
  • Court-ordered travel restrictions (within a few counties). 

Was Johnson’s act dumb? Oh, yeah! I think he would admit as much. Was it disrespectful? Yes. It’s the thing I most cringe at regarding his antics. The People’s House must be respected—all of it—even if some officials serving in it don’t deserve it.

“Trespassing” in the Capitol while holding American flags, or even the Speaker’s lectern, and taking photos strikes me as simply civil disobedience at worst, and that’s how officials should have treated it—as they treated the BLM/Antifa nationwide “mostly peaceful rioters,” not as something worse than 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and the Civil War all rolled into one. 

Now, compare former AUSA Scruggs’ alleged offenses to the court’s “conditions” for his release for his alleged violent offense.

Newsweek states, “former assistant U.S. attorney Patrick Scruggs—who prosecuted some of those accused of storming the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021—[including Johnson] has been charged with aggravated battery, aggravated assault and armed burglary.” For allegedly stabbing a man with a knife during a road rage incident.

Johnson wrote the unamusing punchline I teased above: “Within 24 hours, Scruggs posted bail with no conditions set for his release.”

Johnson carried a piece of furniture


Scruggs allegedly STABBED A GUY.

So, while lecterns and other furniture in D.C. can breathe easier, the same can’t be said of drivers who might cross Scruggs on the roads.

With a Tik Tok, thinking about the Roman Empire, meme saturating the culture, lately, Johnson can be forgiven for bringing up Rome in his article. He wonders about the balanced scales of Emperor Agustus’ Lady Justice, Justitia, tilting so hard to the left?  

It’s clear, Americans are being treated differently depending on their political ideology. Cops see the stark difference between how the justice system treats the J6 demonstrator/rioters compared with the BLM/Antifa demonstrators/rioters/insurrectionists, and murderers.

The anti-cop, propagandist U.S. Attorney General told 60-Minutes (with a straight face), “We don’t have one rule for foes and another for friends… We have only one rule, and that one rule … we follow the facts and the law and reach a decision required by the Constitution, and we protect civil liberties.” If you’re wondering, that is gaslighting.


Surprise, surprise, but I agree with Garland on one thing. “We have only one rule…,” and it has not changed. What’s changed is DOJ officials, local Soros-styled prosecutors, and activist judges consistently breaking that rule.

Expanding on the J6 – BLM/Antifa comparison, a socialist U.S. Representative apparently pulled a fire alarm to delay a government proceeding. Isn’t that what they arrested, jailed, prosecuted, and convicted people like Adam Johnson for doing? Something about an “insurrection.” Obstruction of a federal proceeding. Not different rules, just different enforcement of the same rules.

Then this former middle school principal, fire alarmist, made absurd excuses (with media help), before accepting full responsibility, before saying he didn’t do it, before blaming his staff for an official memo from his office, downplaying the incident and calling the reps’ political opponents “Nazis.”

What if a J6 “insurrectionist” had pulled a fire alarm? Does anyone think, “I thought it would open the door,” would have flown with prosecutors like Scruggs, who insisted on such stringent “conditions” for Johnson?

BLM/Antifa: Released, no charges.


J6: Throw away the key.

The radical left continually derides cops for “diminishing trust with the community.” Yet, the anti-cop radicals support the devastation radical leftists at all levels of government continue inflicting on the justice system, which has obliterated Americans’ trust with all of government.