Florida Enacts Anti-Riot Bill, Backing the Blue and Bolstering Public Safety Principles

Florida Enacts Anti-Riot Bill, Backing the Blue and Bolstering Public Safety Principles

By Stephen Owsinsk Long overdue, some mouthwatering gains are being recorded in terms of state governments galvanizing against the riots we’ve witnessed decimate many cities across America. Thanks to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis penning approval of the Florida State Legislature’s HB1 — “Combating Public Disorder”— outlawing riot activity on the Sunshine State streets, law enforcement Read more »

Courageous Youngsters Learn to be Future Cops

By Stephen Owsinsk Notwithstanding the constant harangue of anti-cop voices signaling a police-free society, wise brains employing critical-thinking skills know better. And among those who possess a bright and robust outlook on the future of America are youngsters honing aspirations to be the next wave of law enforcement officers implementing serve and protect principles. Although Read more »

Watch the National Police Association Report 4-18-2021

Sunday April 18th at 10am ET with John Harris, Chief of the Yankton, South Dakota Police Department, online at https://Pluto.TV/live-tv/The-First or on the https://www.thefirsttv.com app or on https://www.youtube.com/c/NationalPoliceAssociation

Scared Americans Buying Guns Leads to Ammunition Shortages for Police

By Steve Pomper When government officials’ actions reduce police protection, and they refuse to let police enforce the law, and prosecutors won’t charge lawbreakers, people get scared. When people are scared, they need to protect themselves. When scared people need to protect themselves, they buy guns—and ammunition. Now, law enforcement agencies, especially smaller departments, are feeling Read more »

National Public Safety Telecommunications Week Honors ‘Headset Heroes’: Lifelines Between First Responders and Citizens

By Stephen Owsinsk Traditionally, emergency operations centers are staffed by those who answer calls for help and are the initial contacts in the hierarchy of first responders. These highly trained professionals receive calls for service and set in motion public safety resources to come to the aid of citizens using the 9-1-1 system or the Read more »

The Biology of a Tragedy

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D How could that happen? The question that even law enforcement officers ask after a controversial shooting may never have answers. What we know about the human mind and body can provide some potential insights into the shooting of Daunte Wright by veteran Brooklyn Center, Minnesota officer Kim Potter. On Read more »