Sheriff’s Office Hiring Non-Cop “Community Representatives” to Investigate Officer Involved Shootings

By Steve Pomper   It’s not unusual to see law enforcement agencies hiring non-law enforcement applicants for support positions. However, it is unusual to see what Lewis County, Washington residents recently read in The Daily Chronicle: “Sheriff’s Office Needs Non-Law Enforcement Members for Shooting Investigation Group.” Chills just ran up every cop’s spine. The Lewis County Read More >

Blackwell P.D. Lt. John Mitchell Still Unjustly Charged with Murder: Update

By Steve Pomper   Oklahoma Police Lieutenant John Mitchell’s long nightmare continues. Inexplicably, a county prosecutor has forced the veteran Blackwell Police Department supervisor to continue his seemingly endless slog through a poisoned justice system. It’s an injustice that is becoming clearer each day. Especially with the recent release of the police video documenting Lt. Mitchell’s Read More >

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