Party’s Over: The Spoils of the Anti-Police Movement

Party’s Over: The Spoils of the Anti-Police Movement

By Stephen Owsinski

If a candidate campaigned on anything other than public safety, would you vote for them?

If a victorious candidate’s coffers spend inordinate amounts of money on private security forces to protect them while you are left to fend for yourself, would you harbor regret and resentment?

“Despite Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s claims that she is opposed to cutting funding for the police, records show the city quietly cut 400 police officer positions in 2020 while the cost of her security detail hit an all-time high of $3.4 million for 22 officers,” a FoxBusiness report indicated.

The word hypocrisy has been used tons over the past few years, wouldn’t you say?

The steady stream of criminality in America, much of it quite barbaric, still falls to the police professionals who were bullseyes of the present party in charge. The atmosphere they created and now watch silently, seemingly more concerned with Green New Deal plans instead of absolute mayhem and murder in way too many cities and towns, defies human logic.

Why else are some among that ilk spending beaucoup bucks on personal security if everything around them were just dandy? London Bridge is falling down is a limerick…but this party’s self-induced collapse is oh so real.

As Bill Cotterell wrote for the Tallahassee Democrat, “Democrats’ problem: People aren’t buying their product,” citing that “polls show inflation, gas prices, and crime motivate more voters.” Who couldn’t see that coming?

Speaking of not buying their product, Starbucks announced store closings in certain cities which happened to be lorded over by… take a guess what type of party leadership. Citing “challenging incidents” that “make stores unsafe for workers and customers,” Starbucks corporate “permanently” cleaves a batch of barista locations and leaves liberal bastions to fend for other beans. I wonder how cops in Tempe, Arizona feel about this.

A recent article in Governing titled “Progressive Cities Have a Public order Problem on Mass Transit” explained that “During the pandemic, sparse crowds on transit systems gave way to uncivil behavior and crime. Today, debates are breaking out around the best policy to fix the problem while figuring out the role of law enforcement.” The role of law enforcement is to enforce laws, untampered by politicos’ whims and their palettes of pander.

A week ago, a 14-year-old boy was stabbed to death on a New York City subway after getting into an argument with another teen with whom he was familiar. Per Hudson Valley News12, “Some [parents] even expressed fears for the safety of their own children whenever they leave the house.”

On the same day that teen’s murder occurred, the NYPD was engaged in a gun battle in Queens, reportedly with a man who had been threatening NYC Mayor Eric Adams and other city authorities. In threat mode, the suspect made it clear he would open fire on any responding cops.

That’s just one city. A conveyor belt of crime, and the years-long demoralization of NYPD cops trying to pluck as many malfeasants from the fast lane as possible. The Left’s devaluation of cops surely defaults to many public safety professionals departing elsewhere.

According to a report published by TellMeBest on July 19, 2022, “New York City workers have begun leaving public sector jobs in droves.” Kristi Eckert-Friday wrote, “There are unprecedented gaps to be found in the city’s healthcare, parks, law enforcement, and child protective sectors.”

We swing over to the other coast. Per a report from, “California cities are bleeding residents,” citing burgeoning data of people moving out of Mr. Newsom’s domain.  That would make another bona fide I told ya so! from many cops there.

From a Fox News report, “The Los Angeles Police Department is urging LA residents to be on high alert as follow-home robberies in the city continue to rise.”

Piggybacking on that, Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon announced disbanding the specialized unit designed to alert crime victims about their assailant’s parole hearings. In other words, keeping that imperative stuff in the dark.

A few of Gascon’s deputy DAs are speaking out against such a foolish and reckless maneuver. Where is the public servant’s heart expected of an oath-taking prosecutor? It seems it’s in the Left lane, approaching an Exit otherwise known as yet another Recall of yet another ludicrous liberal prosecutor mucking up the criminal justice system by diapering criminals and having them crawl about, soiling society likes it’s no one’s business.

A Republican candidate in South Texas, Monica De La Cruz exclaimed the present party in charge “has just gone so far to the left in pushing their liberal agenda, their radical agenda to Hispanics. And that just does not reflect our Hispanic values. And so the Hispanic population is waking up,” saying they see through the party’s “garbage.”

Speaking with Fox News’s Laura Ingraham, Ms. De La Cruz boasted how “Hispanic voters with their votes are showing that they stand with Border Patrol, they stand with customs agents. We believe as Hispanics in law and order and what the Biden administration is doing to our law enforcement officers and our brave men and women on the border is just disgusting. And Hispanics are going to show that feeling of disgust with the Democrat Party in November.”

Did you ever imagine the day when U.S. Supreme Court justices would have bounties put out on them, with people being encouraged to report the whereabouts of the nation’s preeminent jurists in exchange for cash? Per the Washington Examiner, “…the activist group known as ShutDownDC tweeted July 8 that it would offer to pay bounties of up to $200…”

Don’t agree with what the liberal machine says is best for you? Get erased.

An impassioned interview on Fox News by Joe Gamaldi, the vice president of the National Fraternal Order of Police gave quite a mic drop after encapsulating what we are discussing here. It’s becoming all too common for critical-thinking Americans to go live on national television and plead for leadership to reverse course, for the sake of everyone.

The research toward our topic today was easy, and that’s a problem. As I buttoned up this article, a report rolled in: “Crew member shot and killed in car at Law & Order NYC set.” The film- production crew of “Law & Order: Organized Crime” were set up before sunrise, waiting “for the stars to come out,” a Washington Examiner report indicated.

The NYPD has a Movie and Television Unit which, as the name implies, assigns cops to secure production sets where blockbusters or series are being filmed on real metropolis streets. I can hazard to wonder if the ongoing exodus of NYPD police officers caused another trim in this unit.

In 2020, to cover a sizeable deficit in cops taken ill with coronavirus, some 30-plus Movie Unit officers were reassigned to fill the void at one precinct alone. Nowadays, the still-depleting roster of the largest municipal police agency in America correlates with the infamy of anti-cop policies pushed by government.

Today, the New York Post tells a foreboding tale of increased crime (by as much as 37%), to which retired NYPD sergeant and current John Jay College of Criminal Justice professor Joseph Giacolone said, “This is going to probably be a record year for increasing crime in New York City.” He added, “You have a short-staffed NYPD and you still have policies that go against police work.”

Replying to that same New York Post piece, the NYPD Police Benevolent Association (PBA) piggybacked accordingly: “Why is the NYPD falling below its (already-reduced) budgeted headcount during a crime crisis? Low pay, inferior benefits & bad policies are driving the Finest away.”

Here, there, and everywhere… the criminal tsunami is disgusting.

How we’ve come this far boggles the mind. They’ve created an atmosphere against cops, in an atmosphere where we certainly need cops, and then castigate and/or prosecute cops when they perform police work.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

The party in charge is responsible (irresponsible). Now, what are we gonna do about it?