Missouri Judge’s Baffling Bond Decision Turns Deadly

Missouri Judge’s Baffling Bond Decision Turns Deadly

By Doug Wyllie The Honorable Bruce Hilton presently serves as Assistant Presiding Circuit Judge for Division 13 of the 21st Circuit Civil and Criminal Court in St. Louis County, Missouri. We’re absolutely certain of every last word of that sentence—we looked it up—with the exception of one important element: we’re still undecided—and leaning in the Read more »

Massachusetts Continues Attempt to Infringe Citizens’ Self-Defense Rights

By Steve Pomper Let’s follow-up on a disgrace we covered, occurring in the birthplace of American liberty, Massachusetts. Disgraceful, yes, but we begin with some good news. According to the Boston Herald, “The state’s police chiefs do not support the Legislature’s efforts to strengthen Massachusetts [anti-] gun laws [aimed at law-abiding gun owners] – and it’s unanimous.” I Read more »

Blinding Example of Removing Lady Justice’s Blindfold

By Steve Pomper Many recent cultural catchphrases converge in current stories, like gaslighting, no one’s above the law, mostly peaceful protests, and insurrection.  I know cops who were accused of an appearance of impropriety (gratuities: coffee, meals, dry cleaning discounts, small gifts, etc.), and who were investigated for “honesty” offenses (Can you imagine that in light of what we’re Read more »