Seattle City Council Continues to Confound Criminal Justice and Sanity

Seattle City Council Continues to Confound Criminal Justice and Sanity

By Steve Pomper No offense intended, but a majority of the Seattle City Council are morons. Okay, offense intended. Why be polite to people who consistently support anti-police policies that not only hurt cops but also their constituents? However, I will concede the narrow 5-4 vote was a pleasant surprise. Credit where credit is due for the Read more »

More Vile Consequences of Not Enforcing the Laws Equally

By Steve Pomper Federal Courtroom Providence, RI. Time to rebalance the scales of justice. I bristle when after someone commits a heinous act and partisans blame their political enemies for the violence. Like blaming the NRA and Second Amendment supporters after a mass shooting. Most conservatives, me included, instead, place the blame squarely on the perpetrator. Read more »

Street Takeovers and Law Enforcement Strategies

By Stephen Owsinski Vehicular traffic comes with inherent dangers for anyone on the nation’s highways and byways. Accidents do happen. Yet some drivers are so self-centered and enamored by the sounds of revved engines and screeching tires that anyone near them, voluntary or not, is a potential casualty. Have you noticed flagrant disregard and careless Read more »

Illegal Aliens Still Wrecking Americans’ Lives, Including Cops

By Steve Pomper While the current federal regime pretends the border is secure after it’s allowed millions of illegal aliens to swarm the U.S. southern border with Mexico, the onslaught against innocent Americans continues. And they expect U.S. law enforcement to just handle it (without allowing them to enforce existing laws. According to the New York Post, a Read more »

Intoxicated Drivers Increasing Death and Injury

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Before the hour hand on your clock moves from one number to the next, three or four traffic fatalities will have happened somewhere in the U.S. One in three of those will be due to an impaired driver. After a historic downward trend, deadly car crashes are on the Read more »

State Seeks to Restore Public Safety in Crime-Ridden City

By Stephen Owsinski Certain cities are under the lenses of state legislatures, focused on doing what is necessary to restore some semblance of safety and security in out-of-control locales. According to GOVERNING Daily —whose tagline is “The Future of States and Localities” — the Missouri Legislature has had enough of St. Louis’s rampant crime and Read more »

Evil: The Forgotten Cause of Criminality

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D The Utopian idealists who parade folly as compassion want us to believe that everyone is good at their core. Any behavior defined as criminal is excusable because of the deficiencies of society, mental illness, poverty, or racism. In their eyes, evil only exists in prisons and among law enforcement. Read more »