It’s Crime (Stats) Time Again

It’s Crime (Stats) Time Again

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Each October the FBI releases its annual crime report, known as the UCR. It may not tell us as much as we think. The main benefit of the Uniform Crime Report is the year to year comparison since 1930. While the UCR statistics can be an important barometer of Read more »

Coddling Criminals, Corruption, and Rising Crime

By Steve Pomper Seattle City Hall next to King County Admin Building with King County Jail in Background As I prepared to submit this article, along with other horrified Americans, I was outraged by the carnage Hamas savages recently inflicted on Israeli (and two dozen other nations’) men, women, and children. For NPA purposes, I thought, Read more »

Woke Cities: Blaming the Crime Victims—Again!

By Steve Pomper What began as a steadily growing phenomenon across blue America has become a radical woke pastime: blame/punish crime victims and innocent law abiders for criminals’ actions. Innocent people are being punished for crimes committed against them, punished for crimes thugs with guns commit against other people, and now, corporations blamed/punished for criminals’ actions. Read more »

Sheriff Fed Up with State Laws that Coddle Criminals Adapts with New Approach

By Steve Pomper We recently celebrated the rare cops allowed to do their jobs. The Pyramid Lake Paiute Nation’s Nevada Rangers freed multitudes of drivers whom climate radicals had blocked on a hot desert highway.   There’s another example of traditional policing encouraged by a young, resolute, and innovative Washington State sheriff. Thurston County Sheriff Derek Read more »

Shoplifting Sprees Persist in Criminal-Coddling Jurisdictions

By Stephen Owsinski The mounting social media posts illustrating brazen shoplifting sprees in mostly bail reform jurisdictions continue to bloat the airwaves, underscoring how corrosive a particular political party is regarding its so-called people’s representatives gifting evildoers. These elected officials have outrageously paved the way for sticky-fingered criminals to take what they want, while law-abiding Read more »

Putting the Criminal-Friendly Genie Back in the Bottle

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D For ease of debate, opinions are cast in two categories whether left or right, progressives or conservatives, donkey or elephant.  Without playing those cards, the real cultural enemy is across these divides: the permissives – the philosophy to just let things go and excuse destructive behavior. Whether it is Read more »

The Perils of Restorative Justice

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D According to a report from the National Institute of Justice “Restorative justice centers on repairing harm to victims, rather than retribution for those who offended, with a focus on inclusion, accountability, and the community. It provides an alternative that may improve school safety without creating a punitive culture.” Restorative Read more »

The Mind-Numbing Ignorance of West Coast Politicians

By Steve Pomper Several recent stories about criminality in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco, demonstrate the mind-numbing belligerent ignorance of their political officials. Whether it’s ignorance or a willful radical leftist ideology is up for grabs. But, giving the benefit of the doubt, the ignorance is belligerent because they don’t know what they’re doing but insist Read more »