Back the Blue: Keep Lt. John Mitchell in Your Thoughts and Prayers

Back the Blue: Keep Lt. John Mitchell in Your Thoughts and Prayers

By Steve Pomper 

By now, you probably know about the case in Oklahoma of an overzealous district attorney prosecuting a decorated Blackwell Police Department Lieutenant John Mitchell for manslaughter for risking his life to stop an active shooter. For those who want to catch up on this case, you can find several articles at

This case has consumed more than a year of Lt. Mitchell’s and his family’s life. NPA has been covering the story since December 2019. In all the information I’ve read regarding the case, nothing has become obvious or even apparent to explain District Attorney Jason Hick’s affliction with John Mitchell Derangement Syndrome.

It appears DA Hicks doesn’t have a problem with what Lt. Mitchell did, since he didn’t charge the other officer with Lt. Mitchell firing shots during the last moments of the incident. It seems DA Hicks has a problem with how Lt. Mitchell did it.

Well, any cop can tell you from firsthand experience that suspects don’t always give an officer much choice about how to do what he or she has to do. One thing for sure is if officers don’t make absolutely sure an active shooter is no longer active, he or she is risking not only his or her life but also that of other innocent community members.

Lt. Mitchell’s next, and hopefully last, court hearing is scheduled for next Tuesday, July 14th at 1300 hrs. (1 p.m.), at the Kay County Oklahoma Courthouse, 201 S Main St, Newkirk, OK 74647. If you can, join Lt. Mitchell’s friends and family who will be gathered outside the courthouse to support him in what we all hope will be the end of this insult to justice.

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