Are some kids’ classrooms subversive and heavy on anti-police rhetoric?

Are some kids’ classrooms subversive and heavy on anti-police rhetoric?

By Stephen Owsinski

Indeed, the notion of some of America’s classrooms with teachers polluting our kids’ minds with poisonous indoctrinations is cause for concern, and some teachers in Los Angeles took it to all new heights by advertising anti-law enforcement messaging. The example we are exploring flings principles of ethics in the incinerator and offers zero apologies for the increased heat caused by mindboggling mis-behavior.

The current movements of mixed factions crossing paths on the road to social justice seem to have it entirely backward and needlessly twisted. Much of the free-roaming American terrain is impeded with evident hell-raisers heralding banners declaring Antifa and Black Lives Matter, barking against anyone who would see the opposite side of their tarnished coin.

In short: Educators have the right to their own opinions outside the classroom, but that does not give them the right to teach malice to others’ kids under the guise of lesson plans.

What I am referring to stems from a pile of propaganda which an online police cohort unearthed. The United Teachers Los Angeles Instagram account boasts of a 35,000-membership and has countless pictures of its teachers donning “Black Lives Matter” T-shirts, just one after the other. Among the vast collection of BLM shirt-wearing educators was one (at least the only one we know who publicized)  which went totally across the line: she wore a “Blue Lives Murder” shirt.

From what I understand that specific post has been either removed (after presumed backlash) or privatized to where only union “members” can view it. But…screenshot evidence is available:

(Notice the “Black Lives Matter” wristband she is sporting with the…ahem…sudden need to fix hair above the left ear.)

In response to that reprehensible anti-cop shirt advertising a big fat lie, the cohort I referred to above wrote the following sentiments: “…what teachers in Los Angeles, as well as other parts of the country are doing, is absolutely shameful. It’s a disgrace.

“Teachers are refusing to ‘teach’ in-person, due to COVID. In order to return to classroom teaching, part of teachers’ demands include defunding the police, as well as being allowed to teach ‘Black Lives Matter’ propaganda in public schools.

“I say again: they want to teach BLM propaganda in public schools. That is a ‘return to work demand.’” And I say that is extortion! So, if I have this straight: these teachers are refusing to return to school due to fears over COVID…but will happily do so only when the police are defunded. How much more shallow can a person be? Apparently their self-respect is equal to that of their respect for cops.

My friend continues: “The woman in this photo [above] is a public school teacher. She’s wearing a ‘Blue Lives Murder’ T-shirt, and her photo doing so was reposted on the United Teachers Los Angeles Instagram page, which is comprised of thousands and thousands of Los Angeles public school teachers.

“Imagine being a student in this woman’s class, and your parent is a police officer. Or, imagine being a police officer with a child in this woman’s class, your taxpayer dollars are being used to have your child’s public school teacher tell your child that you are a murderer.

“This is society today in Democratic-controlled cities, and it’s repugnant.”

If this individual teacher and her union co-members are responsible to instill in students critical thinking skills and discernment, they failed miserably. I bet they even removed all blue crayons from the Crayola boxes.

Thank goodness the United States is replete with constitutional-minded individuals who wholly embrace our governmental structure and adamantly support the law enforcement institution.

Political tentacles have been reaching and wrapping around corners of some of our most cherished American institutions and hijacking/maligning principles of what makes the United States so great, underscoring its foundational constructs to include the not-so-pretty chapters. From the toppling of historical statues and defacing of monuments to jacking up our children with ideations born of hate-filled propaganda, a pall looms while destruction ensues. Wonder where younger hoodlums get the insane urge to harm or murder cops.

And much is to be said about schools who have among them some courageous school resource officers (SRO) ready to confront the next active shooter. Yet, the SRO asset is awkwardly punctuated by the possibility of any assigned campus cop likely has one or more children of his/her own in attendance at schools where teachers are spouting vile anti-LEO rhetoric.

Regarding cops’ kids at schools, one social media commenter who is a school teacher and the spouse of a policeman summed it up this way: “What these people in LA are doing is disgraceful! Politics have no place in the classroom. We are often told that we as teachers need to acknowledge the stories of our students. What about the students who are children of police officers? They have been living in fear that their parent won’t come home this summer.” That defines the entire argument right there: At a place where youngsters have reasons to expect usable knowledge, they are instead being loaded up with garbage ideologies which essentially clones haters misguided by the haters which fed them and passed the ugly torch.

The upheaval in our beloved nation is absolutely bewildering. So is the fact that men and women donning badges symbolizing constitutional consent to thwart evil doers and their violent tendencies are somehow demonized, even among countless episodes of police officials springing into action and saving lives or delivering babies roadside.

Cops are fashioned as a mayday to mayhem and a general go-to person. Why are some teaching youngsters the opposite? How is such a thing permitted?

Since when is ABC…123 a justified political platform for young impressionable minds? Who ordained teachers with the right to spew anti-police venom and sink fangs deep into the developing brains of innocent children who trust what they are being fed is the way of the world?

Are traditional, conservative lesson plans greenlighted…then doctored thereafter? Where are the checks and balances for certain educators harboring and launching an agenda having little to do with elementary education and much along the lines of wayward philosophies endangering everyone with working ears hearing baseless diatribe and fiction?

As one Facebook user commented, “The NJEA in Jersey is just a disgusting political organization with an agenda that has nothing to do with teaching.” While some respect teachers unions which have not crossed the proverbial political line, others lambaste them as the “Mafia union.”

Our former U.S. president recently uttered the words “Our worst impulses unleashed” while speaking at a political party convention. Yes, what about those human impulses over which we have control?

In addition to impulse control there is the Teachers’ Loyalty Oath which, in this context, delineates that “Some oaths prohibit membership in subversive groups and the teaching of subversive doctrines, and others ask for sweeping disclaimers of past beliefs and associations. The early Cold War years following World War II produced a bumper crop of such oaths. In Cramp v. Board of Public Instruction of Orange County, Florida (1961), the Supreme Court struck down all-encompassing oaths infringing on First Amendment rights to freedom of thought and expression, but affirmed the constitutionality of generic teachers’ oaths to uphold state and federal constitutions in Knight v. Board of Regents of University of State of New York (1967).” So, there’s that.

The question of propriety remains: Are public school teachers afforded the right to speak their fictions and plunge anti-police doctrines down the throats of our little ones? This dad in the following tweet says Not so fast!

Interesting…that both cops and teachers take an oath. In regard to our topic today, it seems one bastardizes the Constitution (cheating children of truth) while the other duly and diligently upholds the right to do so, even when the latter is in the crosshairs.

I wonder how United Teachers Los Angeles feels about a policeman who for 17 years has dedicated his life as a Los Angeles cop to befriending and helping homeless citizens living on Skid Row, a lawman (among others) whose marvelous work was covered right here on the pages of the National Police Association.

Compelled by others incredulous behavior and absurdities unfolding daily, I have been pinching myself a lot lately. You?

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