‘Guardians of Society’ Quarantine Together, Forge Through Training at Police Academy

Nit Pickers Make Life Tough for Public Safety Employees

By Steve Pomper  I once had a confrontation with a persnickety woman at a coffee shop. I’d parked my patrol car in an admittedly unauthorized parking spot (a wide concrete buffer between the sidewalk and the road). Apparently, she took offense and needed to make sure I had just a bit more unpleasantness in my day. After Read more »


Greetings, The Castleberry Independent School District strives to provide the finest education to our students. Through this learning process, they prepare our students to be lifelong learners in our diverse, changing world and competitive workplace. The school district is located five miles west of downtown Fort Worth, in a densely populated community covering an area Read more »

Progressive prosecutor Rachel Rollins lambasts public defenders for not fighting prosecutions hard enough

By Steve Pomper  Suffolk County District Attorney Racheal Rollins has been on law enforcement’s radar ever since people saw fit to vote her into the prosecutor’s office. DA Rollins is one of those infamous “progressive” prosecutors, funded by socialist tycoon (I know… oxymoron) George Soros, who have taken control of district attorney’s and prosecutor’s offices across Read more »

The LT. John Mitchell Saga Continues: Latest Update

By Steve Pomper  The NPA has been following the case of Blackwell, Oklahoma police Lieutenant John Mitchell. In early 2019, Lt. Mitchell engaged in a roaming gun battle with an armed active shooter. A woman had been driving her pickup truck around town, shooting at objects and people, including at police. Lt. Mitchell and another officer Read more »

Cops Ensure Special Days for Special People

By Stephen Owsinski Given the ushering in of waiting out a pandemic, we’ve seen some pretty innovative ways for community policing to still thrive among a populace under orders to be far less communal. Cops are a resourceful bunch and will determinedly find ways to “protect and serve” despite the silent threat of an airborne Read more »

Prisoner Releases and State Emergency Declarations Create New Conflicts

Michigan's Capitol building April 29, 2020

By Steve Pomper  Back in the 1990s the Seattle Police Department (SPD), under Police Chief Norm Stamper, updated/upgraded officers’ department-issued sidearms from .38 cal. S&W revolvers (6 rounds) to the semi-automatic .40 cal. Glock 17 (15 rounds +1). The anti-gun, anti-cop political establishment had a reflexive freak-out. They had another similar reaction several years later when the department Read more »