Perpetual “Victims” Often Use Emotions to Manipulate Perception

Perpetual “Victims” Often Use Emotions to Manipulate Perception

By Steve Pomper Police officers encounter people who fall within a wide emotional spectrum anywhere from subdued to spectacle. Some people have emotional hair triggers and overreact at the slightest disruption to their desired state. This often causes people to sympathize with those intentionally trying to exploit their sympathy. Then there are those who are unflappable Read more »

The National Police Association Offers Reward for Information About the Person Who Shot At New Mexico State Police in NE Albuquerque

The National Police Association is announcing a $5,000 reward for information leading to the identification, arrest, and conviction of the individual responsible for opening fire on a New Mexico State Police officer who was conducting a traffic stop in Northeast Albuquerque Friday night October 4th 2019. According to witness reports gunfire rang out around 9:20 Read more »

Broward County Official Rants Against Deputy at Awards Ceremony

By Steve Pomper Here’s yet another demonstration there is no more call for public decorum when it comes to anti-cop public officials. Consider a recent award ceremony at the Tamarac City Hall, in Broward County, Florida. According to the Sun-Sentinel, among other officers, the Broward Sheriff’s Office was honoring Deputy Joshua Gallardo with an Officer of Read more »

Portland, OR cops who protected their community are fighting lawsuits brought by Antifa or sympathizers, represented by the ACLU

By Steve Pomper Some people, such as members of the most fascistic of the so-called “anti-fascist” anti-police groups, Antifa, whip out the phrase “police brutality” as if they were brandishing a switchblade knife. Then they verbally (and sometimes literally) slash, stab, and strike at law enforcement (and their supporters), trying to cash in on the consequences Read more »