Mentally Ill Man Dies in Police Custody: Court Rules for Officers

By Steve Pomper    When I was a rookie police officer, I expected the blood, guts, gore, violence and contempt I would get from criminals. I was even aware of the problems rank-and-file cops can expect from their department and political leaders. But I never really thought about getting sued. I thought that just happened with Read More >

Cops and Community Partnerships Make Marvelous Things Happen

By Stephen Owsinski As a researcher of all-things-cops, I come across some pretty innovative uses of equipment and nifty out-of-the-box thinking thanks to police agencies and their progressive personnel seeking to not only meet but exceed the community’s needs. And like any good handshake, it takes hands of others to achieve bonds and generate goodness Read More >

Wrongly Fired, Former SFPD Police Officer Now Being Wrongly Prosecuted

By Steve Pomper    In March 2018, I wrote an article that appeared at OpsLens about a rookie San Francisco P.D. officer, Christopher Samayoa. The city fired him after he was involved in an officer involved shooting in 2017. Getting terminated for doing his job was bad enough. However, three years after being wrongly fired, just a few Read More >

DC Mayor Under Scrutiny Following MAGA Rally

By Steve Pomper   The legacy media didn’t give the “Million MAGA Rally,” held on Saturday, November 14th, 2020, fair coverage, or, for some, any coverage. But it’s already important to revisit some disturbing incidents that occurred at the event because it called police responses into question. And, people need to remember that police department responses Read More >

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