Plans to Abolish Seattle/King County’s Entire Criminal Justice System Leaked

By Steve Pomper   

It seems as if I’ve been Seattle-centric lately, but that’s not because it’s where I worked as a cop. It’s more because Seattle has a special class of morally corrupt politicians committing a singular kind of destruction against American civil society and public safety in Seattle.

While we don’t have an all-out “hot” civil war, we do have some violent socialists and anarchists who are doing their best to start one in various urban pockets of civil unrest. However, we do have a civil war in the sense the radical revolutionaries have launched a war on civility and on civil society. But some folks are fighting back by keeping information flowing that traditional America, of which law enforcement officers are a proud part, desperately need, so they can fight back.

Seattle political activist and documentary film maker Christopher Rufo has been doing a magnificent job exposing the morally corrupt socialists running (or ruining) Seattle and King County and, by extension, the state. He’s been obtaining and publishing local government documents.

At his website, Rufo presented a “Twitter Thread Explaining the Leaked Documents:” [from the King County Executive’s Office]. He titled it, “Scoop: King County’s Plan to Dismantle the Justice System.”

You’ve likely heard about the radicals on the Seattle City Council, effectively led by the shrill socialist Kshama Sawant, calling for defunding the Seattle Police Department (SPD) by 50 percent (they intend to replace it with a civilian facsimile).

If you are in the Seattle area Sunday August 9th at 12:00 PM there is a rally at City Hall (600 Fourth Ave).  The rally is to show opposition to the defunding of the Seattle Police Department. There is also a petition that can be signed at

As horrible as defunding is, there’s more. Defunding is only a part of the destruction to the criminal justice system they are planning for Seattle and King County.

Rufo tells Twitter followers he’d gotten several “leaked documents” from the King County Executive’s, Dow Constantine’s, Office. In the documents, they describe the justice system as a “white supremacist institution.” And they intend to dismantle it.

Calling the jails “a system of oppression based on race and built to maintain white supremacy,” they intend to close them down. So, virtually no police and no jails (I hear the court system is the next appendage to be amputated). I suppose there’s a perverse logic here: if there are no police to arrest criminals, there’s no need for a place to bring them. Voila! Crime problem solved. Not so much.

Never mind that the CCP virus is crushing our nation like a python on its favorite prey, within the King County and Seattle elected Democrats, there is a mental health virus spreading with ferocity. Every document Rufo tells us about is saturated with insane, leftist, ideological garbage-speak. They use phrases like “the U.S. white supremacy system,” “oppress People of Color,” and whites have “unearned power and privileges associated with having white skin.” They even invented a word for it: “Whiteism.”

Well, it was only a matter of time. After all, by calling everyone and everything racist—even math, grammar, and the availability of fruits and vegetables—radicals have blunted the word’s meaning and effectiveness to such a degree it no longer has the impact it once had. Now, if they believe you are a racist, they can now call you a whiteist for more impact.

These politicians blame the government (yes, they are the government. Please, don’t try using logic to decipher this mess) for crime and claim criminals are the legitimate “rights holders who must be honor[ed] and celebrate[d].” This reads like an Ayn Rand dystopian novel, only Atlas isn’t shrugging, he’s being toppled, and the “valleys” into which traditional, productive Americans could escape are vanishing.

One enormous problem is the radicals are waging a multi-front war with traditional America, but traditional America is not yet at war with them.

For example, where are the political “leaders” of traditional America? Their hesitation and vacillation gives the radicals a huge advantage, as the enemies of liberty tear down our beloved country. While President Trump continues to fight, aided by a senator or representative here and there, most of traditional America’s political leaders can only be heard by their deafeningly silence.

Rufo tells us, the top officials of the “Juvenile Division, County Courts, and the King County Executive’s Office… have embraced critical race theory (CRT) as the operating philosophy behind ‘prison abolition.’” According to, CRT “Emphasize[s] the effects of race on one’s social standing.”

CRT effectively dismisses or ignores the empirical gains America has realized regarding race relations. It instead focuses on the fallacy of America as a nation based upon so-called white supremacy. Under CRT, leftist forces such as BLM and Antifa, continue to attack law enforcement and the criminal justice center which they feel is unalterably saturated with racism and must be abolished or replaced.

In advocating, “it’s time to push back,” Rufo emphasizes how “wrong, dangerous, and insane” it is to abolish the police and the jails. He’s right. We also shouldn’t forget, as alluded to above, that these luminaries of leftist lunacy also want to abolish the courts. Although, as I pointed out about the cops and jails, if there are no cops to arrest criminals, there is no need for a place to lock up criminals, so there is also no need for courts in which to convict criminals of their wrongdoing.

So, in furtherance of the destruction of the criminal justice system, as reported in, Seattle city council moves to replace police with civilian-led ‘violence prevention’ group.” Well, doesn’t that sound all Utopian and woke? Rose-colored glasses and unicorns for everyone.

Seattle Police reported some 53 percent of police calls wound up not being criminal. The problem with this calculus is no one knows cops won’t be needed at a call until after the call. Isn’t that obvious?

The council says that it “recognizes that the nation’s and Seattle’s history of racism and the current impact of institutional racism cause over-policing and underinvestment in communities of color and especially in Black communities.” Because we know violent rioters ripping off and destroying peoples’ businesses won’t drive business investment away, right?

After all, as I’ve heard so many radicals say, “It’s just property. It can easily be replaced or rebuilt.” Really? It’s also someone’s dream that took years to build. It’s hard to grow a successful business with rioters stealing and smashing your stuff.

Just snatch a cellphone from one of those “mostly peaceful protesters,” smash it on the pavement into a gazillion little pieces. Then you’ll find out how well the It’s only property. It can be easily replaced argument works for them.

The council also states they are “committed to confronting structural and institutional racism as a fundamental step towards addressing the racist institution of policing.”

The people who are always talking about making all these criminal justice system changes to eliminate “institutional racism” have been in charge of the “institutions” for decades. They are the institutions. They attack what they see as a “problem” as if the people not in political power are somehow responsible for the government institutions they have been overseeing as far back as anyone can remember.

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