Philly FOP Has a Plan to Defeat Dreadful DA Larry Krasner at the Ballot Box

Philly FOP Has a Plan to Defeat Dreadful DA Larry Krasner at the Ballot Box

By Steve Pomper

Philadelphia District Attorney, Larry Krasner, the George Soros (Bond villain)-funded piece of… work, is facing substantial, and creative, opposition in his upcoming primary for re-election. First, let’s review this vile creature that excretes a slime trail as he oozes his sleaze across the City of Brotherly Love.

Breitbart reported Soros poured $1.7 million into Krasner’s successful run for Philadelphia district attorney in 2017. Not so Krasner could prosecute criminals but so he could let them off. Soros is spreading his anti-law and order infection all across the U.S. The Soros-sponsored suffering communities are in and around cities such as, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.   

The most egregious of the many perversions of justice happened when this corrupt DA released a violent criminal who went on to allegedly murder Philadelphia SWAT Officer James O’Connor during a warrant service.

The former U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and emphatic Krasner critic, William M. McSwain said, “[the suspect, Hassan] Elliot was on the street for one reason: Because of District Attorney Krasner’s pro-violent defendant policies.”

But Krasner has his work cut out for him. FOX News reported, Philadelphia Police Union President John McNesby has a plan. He’s asked his predominately Republican membership, and any other Rs who want to “cancel” Krasner, to switch their party affiliation and vote in the upcoming Democrat primary. Then they can switch back right afterward. Reportedly, so far, 9,000 voters have done this.

The Philly cops are supporting Krasner’s primary opponent, Carlos Vega, a former homicide prosecutor who’s also been endorsed by 24 former prosecutors. Among other Krasner sleaze factors, there are reports he accepted donations from defense attorneys and then gave their clients lenient plea deals. Seems the attorneys could have saved some cash, as Krasner doles out light sentences without incentives.

The cop-hater doesn’t believe McNesby’s strategy will work. Krasner made this smarmy comment to FOX News. “We are unsurprised to see the FOP [Fraternal Order of Police] throwing a Hail Mary, begging Republicans to change their registration to vote in the Democratic primary in a desperate attempt to regain relevance.” That guy is dripping with hate for cops.

As crime continues to increase and Philadelphians await more atrocities such as Officer O’Connor’s murder, Krasner is likely underestimating the real damage he’s done to this community. Voters may not view him in the positive light he’s created in his imagination. “It will not work,” he said. “The people get to choose, and they know that Larry Krasner fights for them.” By being soft on violent criminals? I don’t know where he gets his hubris. But even the Philly Dem Party has declined to endorse Krasner.   

Americans, generally, are awakening up to the onslaught of Soros’s pogrom against law and order and civil society. In cobalt California, for example, voters have launched efforts to recall the equally vile and equally Soros-supported  Chesa Boudin in San Francisco and George Gascón in L.A. County from their positions as DAs. Gascón is so radical even his own assistant DAs sued him—and won. As for Krasner, his assistant District Attorneys never had the chance to sue him. According to the Philadelphia Sunday Sun, with only four days in office, Krasner sacked 31 assistant DAs, they say, “with no explanation.”