L.A. County’s New Prosecutor’s First Official Action: What I Will Not Prosecute

L.A. County’s New Prosecutor’s First Official Action: What I Will Not Prosecute

By Steve Pomper 

One of the National Police Association’s (NPA) missions is to watchdog district attorney’s offices across the nation. This is critical especially for offices occupied by George Soros-funded candidates.

In fact, in December 2018, the NPA filed a bar complaint against Soros-funded DA Rachael Rollins in Boston, Mass. Her negative actions affect not only the public but also impact cops. Rollins ran for office, not on what she would prosecute but on what she would not prosecute. She’s not alone. Soros has been freakishly successful in creating a national phalanx of radical prosecutors.

Not to be outdone, Los Angeles, as if Angeleño voters don’t have enough problems with their tyrannical mayor, elected a new public defender, George Gascon, who was recently inaugurated. Oh, wait… he’s a prosecutor, not a defense attorney. But voters may as well have elected a public defender. Based on Gascon’s “Plans for Justice Reform,” according to NBC 4 Los Angeles, he has more in common with public defenders than with traditional prosecutors.

Gascon’s desk chair wasn’t even warm before he did two things: First, he wrote an open letter, blasting the cops he’s supposed to work with for what he calls, “unconstitutional policing.” The second thing he did was issue a directive informing the public of crimes his office would be effectively declining en masse.

On This is My Show, Drew Berquist, a former counter-intelligence officer commented on all the American jurisdictions refusing to prosecute certain crimes. Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Kenosha, New York, Baltimore, etc. He told his audience he thought DA Gascon wanted to get L.A. “into the game.” Berquist said these cities were “one-upping each other in a game of stupidity.” He also mentioned how Gascon’s policies “rewards criminals and punishes the law-abiding and the cops.”

Dan Bongino, a former NYPD officer and U.S. Secret Service agent, also commented on Gascon’s “stupidity.” He joined the NYPD when Mayor Rudy Giuliani was conducting his extraordinary revolution against crime. Bongino emphasized the deterrent effect of enforcing laws and the destructive nature of not enforcing crime.

Of Gascon’s swearing-in speech, KABC headlined, “Gascon sworn-in as LA DA. Read his chilling speech here. No cash bail. Overlooking crimes related to addiction, homelessness and poverty.” And that’s mainstream media describing his words as “chilling,” folks.

Politicians like Gascon cloak themselves in faux compassion for groups when they possess none for individuals. So what if someone is murdered or raped, that’s just a result of their ideological plans to create a Utopia for which, someday, you’ll thank them. You know, because this time they’ll do socialism right.

Among the crimes Gascon will decline are trespassing, prostitution, resisting arrest, and other “poverty-related crimes.” Crime victims apparently matter little to this so-called prosecutor. Let’s just touch on these three crimes for a moment.

Trespassing: This includes an unwanted person on your property who will not leave. How is that a victimless or poverty crime? The DA wants you only to think about public campers who are trespassing on public property. But see what happens when someone sets up a tent in your business parking lot or in your yard at home—or even a sleeping bag on your porch.

Prostitution: As a conservative-libertarian, I appreciate the arguments regarding consenting adults engaging in commerce, including sex. However, there is another prong that cannot be ignored: sex trafficking—especially of minors. If cops are not enforcing street prostitution ordinances, they are less likely to come into contact with adult or child victims of this vile trade. Sex trafficking is not about commerce between consenting adults.

Resisting arrest: This is Gascon giving the finger to cops. Law enforcement officers function as the sword arm of society. They don’t just act on their own behalf. When someone resists arrest, they are disrespecting sworn law enforcers and laws the community has passed through its elected representatives.

Gascon also wants to eliminate cash bail. He again disrespects the rule-of-law and the will of the voters. In the same election that put Gascon in the DA’s office, Californians overwhelmingly rejected Proposition 25, which would have ended cash bail in the state.

What is, matters not to Gascon; only what he feels should be matters. For example, Gascon has also decided unilaterally to take the “death penalty off the table” in L.A. County. Not only will he not seek the death penalty, he plans to “re-sentence” those already sentenced prisoners on death row. Something the L.A. Times swooned over. He will end sentence enhancement for crimes committed with guns. And he plans to reopen four officer-involved-shooting cases to see if he can bring charges he feels should have been filed. This is, plain and simple, persecution of police officers.

For DA Gascon, former San Francisco police chief and district attorney, his anti-cop proclivities are reflexive. According to the Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL), last February when Gascon was campaigning for L.A. County DA, he issued, as the LAPPL Board of Directors put it, an “over-the-top, foaming-at-the-mouth press release.”

Gascon called the LAPPL officers racists. Racists in a police union “whose membership is made up of a majority of men and women of color, is endorsing an African American woman for District Attorney—a decision obviously driven by our racism and sexism. That fact seemed to be left out of the Gascon release,” according to the LAPPL blog.

Anyone else think this non-prosecuting “prosecutor’s” tether to reality is tenuous? But this is who the voters of the City of Angels elected, right? With all of the apparent election irregularities nationally, I’m not so sure.

LA County is not one of the counties that uses the dubious Dominion voting machines. However, back in February 2020, NBC News reported L.A. County created “what it hopes is the voting system of the future… a $300 million fleet of cutting-edge machines built from scratch.” But the California secretary of state’s office identified several types of “security flaws and operational issues” similar to Dominion’s alleged defects. These included, “insecure ballot boxes and exposed USB ports that rogue actors could exploit to alter votes.”

But don’t worry. According to NBC, L.A. County Registrar Dean Logan said, “the majority of the security flaws has been fixed….” A “majority?” Doesn’t exactly make the 2020 voter feel all warm and fuzzy. Especially if you read this 2018 article about Dean Logan at MyNorthwest.com: “Dean Logan stole ’04 [Washington] governor’s race, and he’s at it again in California.”

I don’t know if the 2020 L.A. County election was compromised. But George Soros, known for his election meddling was involved. And Dean Logan, infamous for his participation in that tainted election in Washington State, runs the L.A. County elections. So, isn’t it only prudent to wonder if it was the voters or something else that put anti-police Gascon in charge of prosecuting the criminals L.A. County’s cops bring to him?

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