Robbinsdale Police Officer John Scanlon

John Scanlon proudly served in Vietnam and as a paramedic for North Memorial Hospital before serving as an officer for the Robbinsdale Police Department in MN.  A burglary in the early hours of Valentines Day, resulted in John being executed while sitting in his squad – by the very suspect they were searching for.  John left behind his wife and one year old son they’d officially adopted just a few months before he was murdered.  

The man who killed Officer John Scanlon, Ronald Vernon Schneider, Offender#136421 is once again eligible for parole.

Sadly his family must once again fight for John to ensure that this man pays the price for taking the life of their loved one and that of a Police Officer.  On November 9, 2021, Mr. Paul Schnell, Commissioner of the Department of Corrections will be holding a parole hearing for Mr. Schneiders 1-year continuance, this is a non-appearance hearing.

This family needs our help! They need the community’s written input, either letters submitted via the mail or e-mail input to ensure that Mr. Schneider is not paroled. In John’s memory, their family is asking that you please submit your thoughts in writing to the state of Minnesota.

Letters must be submitted by October 26th, 2021. Click the link below for more info on John’s murder including pictures, a podcast explaining the case and his story, and assistance and instructions for your letter of support. It’s quick and easy and will mean the world to this Blue Survivor Family. Thank you in advance for supporting this family and agency.