Border Patrol Agents Finally Unshackled to Patrol Border—At Least Some of Them

By Steve Pomper  There is no current American law enforcement agency, other than maybe the NYPD, that has been more publicly disparaged than U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is right up there, but the CPB and ICE missions are linked. And when bad policies affect immigration enforcement and border protection, Read More >

The National Police Association Honors the Work of the Cleveland Police Athletic League with Donation

The National Police Association announced today a $500 donation to the Cleveland Police Athletic League to honor and support their mission. The mission of the Cleveland Police Athletic League is to: * Provide a safe and fun environment for children during recreational and athletic activities. * Foster positive interactions between police officers and youth. * Read More >

The National Police Association Offers Reward for Information About the Person Who Shot at a Chicago Police Officer

The National Police Association is announcing a $5,000 reward for information leading to the identification, arrest, and conviction of the individual responsible for opening fire on an off-duty Chicago police officer just before 10pm on December 3rd at the intersection of 81st and Washtenaw on Chicago’s South side. A three-year veteran officer left the Sixth Read More >

Law Enforcement Safety Act (LEOSA) Makes Officer Safety Uniform Across America—Or Does it?

By Steve Pomper  I recently attended my annual Law Enforcement Safety Act of 2004 (LEOSA) firearms qualification course. It’s actually more harrowing than one might think. Not the actual quals but because I have to travel through “homeless” encampment-strewn Seattle to get to the range which is just south of the city limits. Then, after having Read More >

60 Minutes Asks Mayor Some Good Questions but gets Seattle Homeless Problem Wrong

By Steve Pomper  On Dec. 2nd, 60 Minutes broadcast from Seattle to report on the “homeless” crisis. Anderson Cooper presented the story. While the CNN anchor has been accused of biased reporting, he asked Seattle’s mayor some poignant questions. He noted there are some 11,000 homeless in the Seattle/King County metro area. Unlike KOMO News’ outstanding Read More >

Selective Law Enforcement in the Face of Illegal Immigration Woes?

By Stephen Owsinski Every law enforcement officer has heard and lived the term “officer’s discretion.” Indeed, it is within every cop’s purview to let someone go with a warning, usually after reasoning a very minor infraction. But letting someone off easy is quite different than not enforcing laws due to purported resource allocations (or lack Read More >

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