Weaponizing Vaccines to Further Deplete the Ranks of Law Enforcement?

Weaponizing Vaccines to Further Deplete the Ranks of Law Enforcement?

By Stephen Owsinski

An intriguing statistic generated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that during the span of March 2020 thru March 2021, roughly 11,000 law enforcement officers departed the police profession. As a litany of reports have shown, such a heavy cleave of cops is implicitly associated with the boisterous and unrelenting anti-police brigade bull-horning prejudices and propaganda about public safety professionals.

Cancel culture curators ostensibly cloned overnight, and law enforcement seemed centered in the reticles of radicals and rebels with a cause, albeit ludicrous on its face and void of facts.

Published by The Hill, a recent op-ed titled “The battle over ‘cancel culture’ may not end well—its guardians seek power at all costs” encapsulated the measures of mob mentality. And the following paragraph assembles where we are today as it relates to federal and certain state executive branches lording over law enforcement by mandating vaccines:

“Cancel culture is a hubristic phenomenon in that it bypasses the dialogical processes by which social reasoning takes place. The proclamation of its edicts is by fiat, and it destroys the community in which shared exchanges take place. At its core, cancel culture is arrogant, misanthropic and anti-social. It recuses broad swaths of moral and social reasoners from the domain of the ethical and the pantheon of the human community, and it asserts the orthodox sensibilities of the anointed few onto humanity at large. You obey the diktats, and you atone for past sins – or you are ‘canceled.’”

Before we travel further down this rabbit hole, the gist of this material is about exercising rights to make personal decisions, not necessarily the pros/cons of any biopharma vaccine.

It has gotten to the point whereby certain school districts have openly waged battle to hijack parental rights by mandating all students receive Covid-purposed vaccines, against the wishes of kids’ moms and dads. According to The Christian Post, “Parents in Washington, D.C., have filed a lawsuit against the District over a new law that allows officials to vaccinate children in public schools without parental consent, even if they have a religious objection .”

If you come away from this text feeling a degree of disdain for politics, I suspect you may be among standing room only.

Although I worked for a respectful municipal government as a beat cop, when electeds flexed their muscle over any particulars in policing, law enforcement personnel felt unheard, cornered, and with zero choice except to comply. Thankfully, though, police union delegates walked up to bat for members.

With vaccine mandates percolating right now, the country is once again experiencing departures of warrior cops whose constitutional rights are as equal as any, including the stipulators who place constitutionally deficient demands against enforcement professionals who know better than to acquiesce and stand in the corner with gum on nose.

To the contrary!

When Push Comes to Shove

Human nature has its tolls; we witnessed exodus of cops from locales where invitations to protect and serve were rescinded by largely liberal enclaves were oozing anti-cop propaganda pus.

With regard to vaccine mandates, we may see even more cops going for greener pastures. Makes one wonder: Is this about science…or purge of blue bulwarks responsible for law and order?

I envision liberals smirking about that particular human toll, perhaps thinking they can notch another hole on the belt constricting the free flow of American liberty and promise.

The belief that the present political party echoes the naysayers and vociferous anti-police voices compounding the job for those on the thinning blue line fighting evil forces…then becomes more than conspiracy when considering “mandates” compelling cops to vaccinate, another element in the grand ruse furthering the whittle of the already-depleted cadre of cops.

Never been one for conspiratorial notions, but this theory wedged my ribcage and, frankly, is not out of the realm of what said party would do to bolster their power, raise their reign, and pivotally poise the masses to seek refuge among the liberal orchestrators.

Fortuitously, I have come across several in a seemingly growing body of cops openly professing resignations or early retirements due to vaccine mandates punctuating the unrelenting drum beat of anti-police sentiment in mostly liberal territories.

Simply: the stretch and overreach of government pushing its own field operators up against the ropes in a do it or else effort is creeping closer to tyrannical control.

Big government socialists’ hypocrisy, mixed messaging, and about-face overreach abounds with evidence. Here is a collage of government bigwigs and a mish-mash of them earlier professing we can’t/we won’t mandate vaccines, suddenly exhibiting amnesia:

There is a grave irony in cops experientially and acutely aware of safety protocols and their rights, exercising those rights despite the finger wag of oppressive government, culminating in cessation from police ranks, thus emboldening the powers that be to slither further and encroach upon constitutional bulwarks.

Some of the material I discovered —professions from various cops from all over our nation— comprise heartrending testimonies from warrior-like personas who have had enough of the political nonsense and are opting out of playing any puppet roles. Their attestations are rife with angst and attributed to obscene make-you policies pushed by politicos.

Remember the commentary made by LeBron James having to do with his self-professed prowess of police procedures, and the cop whose video jeering the basketball player went viral? The cop who spoofed Mr. James was subsequently terminated for speaking the truth, evidence of the cancel culture phenom.

Now, no longer beholden to the municipal government for which he worked as a cop, Nate Sylvester posted another humorous take to include a poke at Biden’s “vaccine commandments.”  

An excerpt offered by one now-former cop in the Pacific Northwest, though, conveyed these words to underscore the point: “They want you weak and compliant, they want to pump their sh*t into your 5-year-old babies. Will you bend a knee or resist?”

As they should, the following brief video encapsulates our topic today and police unions going to bat for their police membership, containing a succinct statement from Chicago Police union president John Catanzara pointedly citing Nazi-like mandates against cops:

Suffering from illusion stemming from emotion-stirring media? Or is the stark reality upon our lot of critical-thinking cops, astutely considering that they are being programmed to accept what government compels, being mechanized to, in turn, manifest dominion over citizens per DC-driven doctrines?

Is there a grandiose plot brewing here?

Having served as one, law enforcement officers possess uncanny volumes of intuition and gut instinct exemplifying fundamental layers with which we are all born. Bewildered to be alive, many occasions arose whereby my internal mechanisms kicked in and signaled Perils ahead! Always right on time and right on the money.

Many of the cops (now former) among the group to which I referred…were at one time, while still in police uniform, speaking out against the explosion of constitutional infringements soon after the horrific George Floyd death. With “peaceful protestors” lording over interstate traffic stoppages and raucously ruling streets with unfettered fervor resulting in mayhem, murder, and mass destruction while cops were bizarrely condemned and largely closeted, who could blame any man or woman holding a justice badge reconsidering their self-respect, self-worth, and salvation of their bloodline dependents?

The right to choose! We are witnessing exactly that, whether it is part of the calculus of Capital Hill or social justice experimentations or whatever.

Seems there is no occasion where Covid/vaccines does not come up in conversation among anyone in the mix of planetary existence. That’s fine…until it is employed like a weapon.

Mind you, I have righteous regard for anyone’s choice in the matter to vaccinate or not. It is the government mandate that is at issue, in this case…beat cops battling back nemeses, compounded by the mental burden of government nannies making them receive biomatter against their will.

And if, as we more than alluded to at the onset of this article, present executive powers are part and parcel in the diminution or outright extinction of our roughly 850,000 constitutionalist police personnel by implementing mandates forecasting gross resignations of cops, plans to further hijack the nation in pursuit of political agendas and highlighting their respective names in neon are cunningly afoot.

Not too long ago, the encouragement to stand up against the Deep State operatives was resounding by the minute. Division was the crux.

Not too long ago, decrying the existence of the entire law enforcement institution stemmed from one Minneapolis instance deserving of scorn, nonetheless manifesting in major movement to dwindle down and wholly abolish the public safety profession. Division is the crux.

Nowadays, figureheads wielding equal parts of lofty power and fanged arrogance ostensibly plunge their will over the will of others, namely cops who have every right to opt out of expedited chemistry injected into their bodies to maintain a law-and-order role. The irony is stupefying. Division remains in the corridor.

Again: these words are not intended to pedestal either pro or con philosophies. Nor to rile pit against games. Simply, the constitutionality governing us and entrusted to our nation’s law enforcement officers to uphold principled guarantees is not to the exclusion of those who swear the oath and don a badge exhibiting the sacred bond.

Government scheme or not, the Constitution is being hijacked and bastardized by lamentations (will) of liberalism sculpting sinister maneuvers against cops to either subtract them from society so that any pushback by the public against a burgeoning ruling class mentality is futile.

How do you see it unfolding? Are cops in the crosshairs of liberals plotting all conceivable ways to rid America of the last vestige of public safety? Is the vaccine premise a cloaked weapon against police officers, fashioned to compel resignations and garner ease of mass control?

Among several tell-tale signs influencing the running theory, one stood out: vaccine mandates for cops while vaccination concerns regarding the chronic influx of illegal immigrants breaching our border is rather nil!  

For the LEOs feeling compelled to leave their agency due to vaccine mandates, there are departments whose open-armed executives concur with your reasoning and invite you to behold the badge at their respective cop shops, Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb being one of them.

Federal law enforcement officers up against the vaccine mandate ropes are invited to join the state of Texas ranks with their Department of Public Safety. And that come safter a double whammy endured by Border patrol agents, reeling from Mr. Biden publicly and wrongly condemning horse-mounted agents

doing their duties amid the White House failures regarding the burgeoning border crisis.

Philosophy professor Jason Hill’s words lend well to our theoretical subject matter:

“This battle between the upholders of civilizational values and those who are the perpetrators of cancel culture may not end well. Cancel culture is made possible by a value vacuum in the souls of persons, and in the culture at-large. The right to choose for ourselves, and the right not to be punished for manufactured crimes by moral inverts unwilling to face their malignant narcissism, will need to be asserted.

“The battle is being lost right now by default — by the moral masochism of the apologists of American and Western civilization, and by those who are afraid to stand up and intransigently defend their unassailable values. But it is not too late. A vacuum not filled by the sacrificial and cowardly sanction of its victims eventually will atrophy and die. It is up to those who care for liberty, freedom and American civilization to destroy that vacuum by steadily exercising our fundamental values, first principles and virtues.”

Brothers and sisters in arms need not be forced to extend extremities at the behest of some government rulers, grappling against personal choice and will.

It is perhaps hugely ironic that this article’s word count is 1984.