No Safe Space for Cops

No Safe Space for Cops

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Whether it was the break room at the battery factory, the hay truck parked under the shade of a tree beside the field, or the truck stop café with the diesel left running, there was always a place I could find to get a little thinking done or get Read more »

What’s the Big Deal About Cop City

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Around the country, we hear the cry for more police training. Unless you don’t want police training. In Atlanta, despite sometimes violent protests, the city council approved millions in funding for a new training center for law enforcement dubbed “Cop City”. The decision was not unanimous and after the Read more »

Crime, Bail, Defund, and Disarm

By Steve Pomper Antifa: “only an idea,” gathered in St. Paul, MN. Nov. 2020 The continuing rising crime in radical leftist jurisdictions across the U.S. is no accident. I thought about that recently when I heard Levi Strauss heir, U.S. House Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY), also an Adam Schiff flunky, attack one of the few genuine reporter Read more »

Losing Our Law Enforcement Legacies

By Steve Pomper DOD police officer’s wife pinning badge on DOD husband, son looks on, following graduation from Navy training course in 2010. Law enforcement family legacies are an enduring symbol of both an individual’s and family’s commitment to public service and public safety. However, in some places, they may not endure for long. First, I Read more »

Cops: Damned if They Do…; Damned if They Don’t… Pursue Criminals

By Steve Pomper Many states like Illinois, Washington, and Oregon have recently passed radical leftist anti-police laws disguised as “police reform.” They have nothing to do with “reform.” They are about altering or abolishing legitimate, traditional law enforcement because the anti-cops don’t like it. People are also criticizing new police anti-pursuit laws. With weak support for cops from their Read more »

Misguided Police Reformers Are the Authors of Societal Havoc

By Stephen Owsinski Recent political winds of change billboarded sentiments about public safety by ousting elected figures who touted fallacies that America’s policing institution is problematic, must be stripped of funding, and ultimately abolished from our free society. Every vowel and consonant spewed by anti-police mouths is a lovely language to criminal ears—surprise, surprise. With Read more »