City Councils Backing Away from Defunding the Police—For Votes

Anatomy of an Ambush

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Recent statistics indicate that ambushes against police officers have increased dramatically (over 90% in one study) in the past few years.  Shootings of all kinds of police are up at least 20% this year and non-fatal injuries are not often included in such reports. Police officers are well aware Read more »

Now We’re Censoring Cops Chatting in Public!

By Stephen Owsinski The image above depicts three U.S. Capitol Police officers, smiling during a shared conversation outside the world-renowned Capitol Building in D.C., where lawmakers represent the people’s interests by scripting statutes enforced by cops across the country. Gobs of communication transpire on The Hill, as it should wherever humans convene for imperative, principled Read more »

Uniformed Officers Rejected From Public Places

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Georgia State Patrol troopers confirmed that 54-year-old Officer Jean-Harold Louis Astree of the Fairbanks, GA police department was pronounced dead at the scene after a four-vehicle crash. Astree was driving an unmarked Fairburn Police Department Dodge Charger. Among his surviving family is his daughter, Laurali, as a student at Read more »