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The National Police Association Honors the Work of the Atwater, CA PAL Cadets with Donation

National Police Association Files Defamation Suit in Response to Fake News Story

The National Police Association Launches Petition Asking the Ohio Parole Board to Keep the Killer of Officer Jeffrey Phegley Behind Bars

The National Police Association Adds to Record Reward for Solving NYPD Officer Robert Bolden’s Murder

The National Police Association Offers Reward Following Shots Fired at NYPD Officers After Battling Cop Hating Mob in Brooklyn

The National Police Association Launches Petition Asking Elgin, IL to Reinstate Police Lt. Christian Jensen

The National Police Association Takes on ACLU over Right of Police to Maintain Gang Databases

Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals Sides With The National Police Association’s Amicus Brief In Case Against Former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson

National police advocacy group calls on Trump administration to modify Baltimore’s consent decree

National Police Association Sends Letter of Concern to President Trump Asking Him to Assist Baltimore Patrol Officers by Using Their Consent Decree to Obtain Training, Staffing and Support

Condolences pour in from across the country for slain Chattanooga police officer 

National Police Association Calls on Ohio Parole Board to Keep the Killer of Officer Gordon Joe Rich Behind Bars

National police group knocks incoming DA Rachael Rollins

National Police Association Files Bar Complaint Against District Attorney Elect Rachael Rollins

The National Police Association Joins Group in Supporting DOJ Against California’s Sanctuary City Laws 

National Police Association Calls on Virginia Parole Board to Deny Parole to Killer of Deputy Clifford Dicker 

National Police Association Requests Investigation of San Jose, CA’s Independent Police Auditor

‘Why did you … shoot her twice sir?’ Kentucky officer’s killer gets no parole ruling yet

Kathy Griffin Bashed ‘Racist’ Police for Blaming Antifa for Portland Protests — It Backfired

The National Police Association Calls On Kentucky Parole Board To Not Release Killer Of Officer Regina Woodward Nickles 

The National Police Association Calls For Investigation Of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

NPA Urges Contacting Missouri Parole Board to Support Keeping Cop Killer Elmer Hayes Behind Bars

Why we need to leave police policymaking to the police

National Police Association Files FOIA Requests on Chicago’s Plan to Include the ACLU and Black Lives Matter in Oversight of the Chicago Police Department

Parole hearing Monday for man who ‘tried to kill 4 police officers within 1 week’

Greene County sheriff gives chase on ‘Live PD,’ seizes ‘submachine’ gun 

Did cop lose his beloved dog because of petty fight over jacket? His union thinks so

Police group: Convicted police shooter up for parole should stay in prison 

National Police Association Calls for “Lloyd’s Law,” Asks Pres. Trump to Back Adding Police Officers to the Federal Hate Crimes Law in Response to Cop Killer’s Acquittal.

National Police Association Calls on NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo to Reverse the Vote to Free Serial Cop Killer Herman Bell and Remove the Board of Parole Members Who Voted to Free Him

Social media responds to Mobile police officer’s death in line of duty 

Federal appeals court weighs future of lawsuit over Michael Brown’s death 

Federal appeals court has tough questions in unique lawsuit filed by friend of Michael Brown 

The National Police Association Files Amicus Brief In Support of Dismissing Suit Against Former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson And Others 

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