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 Most Voters See Criminal Justice Reform Contributing to Out of Control Rising Violent Crime The national survey taken by Rasmussen Reports was sponsored by the National Police Association

 Homicides outpace COVID deaths in Washington, other major cities We have a pandemic of violence that is sweeping this nation

 NYPD pooch: With stress on officers spiking, New York joins wave of police agencies using therapy dogs

 NPA spokesperson Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith (Ret) and Bernard Kerik on increasing crime – via Newsmax

 National Police Association spokesperson Sgt Betsy Bratner Smith reacts to Mayor Lightfoot’s comments on police and more – via ‘American Agenda’ on Newsmax

 Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith speaks on the killing of Chicago Police Officer Ella French and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s actions on the gun violence surging in the city.  – via ‘Wake Up America’ on Newsmax

 The National Police Association Challenges Dangerous Judge-Made Rule in New Filing with the United States Supreme Court

 National Police Association slams Jan. 6 probe as ‘dog and pony show,’ calls for investigation of Floyd riots Congress should hear from the thousands of police officers who were injured during the George Floyd riots

 National Police Association hits Congress for probing Jan. 6 attack while ‘ignoring’ 2020 violence Both the Senate and House judiciary committees have launched investigations into the events leading up to the Jan. 6 riots

 Poll: More Americans Want ‘Black Lives Matter Riots’ Investigated Than January 6 Riot Support for a federal inquiry into the riots that engulfed U.S. cities after the death of George Floyd cut deep across racial and political lines

 Poll: More Voters Want Congress to Investigate Black Lives Matter Riots than January 6 Riot Majorities of every racial group and political affiliation support a congressional investigation of last year’s violent protests

 Poll: Most Americans want BLM riots investigated The Poll Showed Tremendous Support For Law & Order

 More American voters want the 2020 BLM riots investigated than Democrat probe of Capitol ‘insurrection’ – poll A new poll suggests that most Americans believe Congress is investigating the wrong riot

 Village of Coal City, IL PD awarded National Police Association grant In support of the department’s new chaplaincy program

 Judge orders city of Minneapolis to hire more cops after ‘Refund the Police’ lawsuit prevails In a legal triumph, the National Police Association’s amicus brief prevailed

 Rasmussen Poll: Majority Want BLM Protests Inquiry, More Than Jan. 6 Other notable findings of the poll include: 76% of voters say young people should be taught to comply with police

 Two-thirds want BLM riots probed, more than Jan. 6 majorities of likely voters also back police and reject suggestions of racism by law enforcement

 Two-Thirds of Voters Want Congress to Investigate 2020 Riots The survey found strong voter support for law enforcement on issues ranging from display of the “Thin Blue Line” flag to prosecution of so-called “quality of life” crimes.

 Most Voters Want Congress to Investigate the 574 Violent Riots in 2020 that resulted in over 2,000 injured police officers as well as January 6th

 Attorney Erick Kaardal who represented the National Police Association, interviewed by Dan Ball on Court order to bring Minneapolis PD back up to minimum staffing The NPA’s amicus brief emphasized understaffing puts greater risk not only on the public but also to the remaining police force

 Pacolet, SC PD awarded National Police Association grant Pacolet’s slogan is “Close to everything…Far from ordinary”.

 Police are being attacked in major cities grappling with cop shortages Police officers are reaching a breaking point and we need public support

 Woke justice system won’t deter violent criminals National Police Association spokesperson on Fox & friends

 National Police Association spokeswoman Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith (Ret.) joined Rob Schmitt on Newsmax TV Discussing the lawsuit by Palo Alto police officers against the City

 California police officers sue city over ‘discriminatory’ BLM mural celebrating convicted cop killer The mural also sparked a petition from the National Police Association for its removal last July, which said it was “reprehensible” to celebrate a convicted police killer.

 ‘Why stay?’: Law enforcement advocates explain exodus from police forces We are in a retention crisis for law enforcement

 New PSA advises arrest subjects to ‘Comply Now, Complain Later By complying with lawful orders, even if the subject believes they are being arrested without good reason, suspects, the public and police officers are safer

 National Police Association creates PSA, ‘Comply Now, Complain Later Law enforcement officers encounter perilous circumstances that become more dangerous when people fail to comply with officer commands.

 National Police Association announces campaign to encourage cooperation with lawful orders, reduce use-of-force The PSA campaign urges the public to comply with police orders in order to assist in the reduction of officer use-of-force incidents.

 The National Police Association Announces New National TV PSA Campaign to Address Use of Force Don’t resist, flee, or attack the officer. “Comply Now, Complain Later”.

 Experts challenge Biden crime-fighting strategy of targeting gun sales When we look at violent crime, most of the offenders did not go to [a federal firearms license] dealer, fill out all of their paperwork, legally purchase a gun and then go commit a violent crime

 Charlotte sheriff’s K-9 to get donated protective gear The K-9’s bullet and stab protective vest is being provided due to sponsorship from the National Police Association. 

 NPA spokeswoman on Fox & Friends discussing the failures of the Biden crime plan The crime plan doesn’t address fighting crime 

 Supreme Court rules police can NOT enter a home without a warrant even if they are in ‘hot pursuit’ of a misdemeanor suspect except in unspecified ’emergencies’ This ruling may make people more likely to flee the police, an issue we already are seeing on the rise in the United States

 Rising Crime Overtakes Police Reform as Election Issue in New York, Elsewhere It’s really going to become explosive as we get into this political season.

 Exclusive: Chicago Insider Exposes Dem Police Reform Push for What It Really Is Lightfoot is very much about trying to hamstring the police department as opposed to allowing them to try to stop the violence

 Breckenridge: ‘It was never my intention to offend anyone The National Police Association in 2019 said the Thin Blue Line flag is not a symbol of racism, arguing instead that it is a symbol of honor and sacrifice.

 Austin Police release critical incident video after delay “What Austin PD does is they go through the footage talk with officer, prosecutor, victims family and make sure everyone’s ok with the footage being released

 Village of Depew, NY PD awarded National Police Association grant The grant is awarded in support of the department’s new chaplaincy program

 ‘Defund the defunders’—Baltimore businesses threaten to stop tax payments until public safety improves So far, we’re not hearing of the glorious success of less policing resulting in a higher quality of life

 National Police Association Praises DOJ Decision to Equip Officers With Body Cameras The National Police Association (NPA) on Thursday said that it welcomes the “transparency” of the Department of Justice

 Palacios, TX PD awarded National Police Association grant The grant is awarded in support of the department’s RUOK (Are You OK?) program.

 NPA Thank You Cards Received by Philadelphia Police Dept 7th District The NPA Thank You program because high morale is essential for any law enforcement agency

 Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago: As Violent Crime Runs Rampant, Chicago’s Mayor Panders to Progressives The mayor doesn’t pay a lot of attention to violence. It’s more popular to go after the police. 

 DOJ: Federal Law Enforcement Must Wear Body Cameras When Executing Search Warrants The National Police Association welcomed the announcement

 National Police Association spokeswoman on Fox News Discussing the need for law enforcement & political leadership to fight false anti-police narratives

 Jackson’s Gap, AL PD awarded National Police Association grant Jackson’s Gap is the Home of Camp ASCCA as well as the beautiful Lake Martin. 

 A year after George Floyd’s death, little has changed The National Police Association argues that the public misunderstands the concept of qualified immunity.

 Average police officer salaries across US range from $19K to $131K, depending on location, statistics show The National Police Association spokesperson noted how much police compensation varied regionally.

 The debate around cops on college campuses heats up The group calls it “Abolition May.” But Sergeant Betsy Smith from The National Police Association calls it trouble.

 National Police Association Spokeswoman on Fox & Friends regarding rise in crime in major cities Police officers are leaving departments amid the ‘vilification of law enforcement’.

 Historic Police Exodus In Cities Most Impacted By Racial Justice Unrest, New Data Shows The National Police Association spokesperson said a lot of these officers are not leaving police work, they’re going to places where they’re appreciated and where their job is not so politicized.

 NPA spokesperson Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith guests on True Story with Mike Slater in a special report on the open season on cops Video

 George Floyd Square in Minneapolis features special instructions for whites And like that so-called “CHOP” zone in the Emerald City, crime and gun violence have skyrocketed. 

 Biden DOJ’s police reform agenda ‘dangerous’: law enforcement advocates The National Police Association opposes consent decrees that reduce officer safety and increase the dangers that criminals pose to the community.

 Tragic traffic stop fuels debate over police enforcement of ‘nanny laws’  The National Police Association spokesperson said if the incident with Mr. Wright had not escalated, then the stop would have taken an accused criminal off the streets.

 National Police Association Writer Pens ‘The Obama Gang Organizations like the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance have helped Obama push the idea that the police need radical reform

 The Nation Speaks: As Riots Return, What Lies Ahead? Cities across the country have seen nights of arson, looting, and violent clashes with police.

 Daunte Wright shooting: Is progressive push putting due process in jeopardy? The National Police Association spokesperson said here we have two police officers who live in this house and they can’t even protect themselves.

 NPA contributor Steve Pomper on the importance of law enforcement and supporters being bold in standing up to false narratives Video

 Taser-gun confusion: 16 shootings in 10 years after officers mistake the the two The spokesperson for the National Police Association says often the confusion between weapons occurs when there’s a transition. 

 Derek Chauvin murder trial puts spotlight on police use-of-force training The National Police Association spokesperson said academies have shifted away from the “stress academy” model.

 NPA Spokesperson Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith (Ret.) discusses the Daunte Wright shooting on Fox & Friends Video

 How a veteran officer could have mistaken a Glock for a Taser in the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright The National Police Association spokesperson said it’s a horrible, horrible motor glitch that could happen in high-stress situations. 

 The National Police Association Files Amicus Brief in Support of Family of Slain Deputy in Understaffing Lawsuit The National Police Association’s brief provides analysis of Pierce County’s legal duties to minimize risks through adequate staffing and training.

 EXCLUSIVE: New book investigates Obama Foundation’s anti-police ‘gang’ of elitist radicals ‘The Obama Gang’ exposes the groundwork for the anti-police firestorm that was organized by former President Barack Obama.

 Tinderbox’: Riot redux feared as Antifa looms over trial in George Floyd death The National Police Association’s spokesperson said Antifa wants to destroy and dismantle the government.

 FBI Intervenes To Secure ‘George Floyd Square’ Following Pleas From Locals About Gang Activity, Violence The National Police Association has taken legal action on behalf of the residents and businesses located in the autonomous zone.

 FBI to monitor Minneapolis ‘autonomous zone’ in George Floyd Square amid Derek Chauvin trial The National Police Association made a court filing last month on behalf of local residents to demand Minneapolis officials abide by the city charter in maintaining police patrols in the neighborhood.

 Minneapolis protesters set up ‘autonomous zone’ amid Chauvin jury selection Video

 Police not welcome in George Floyd memorial site Video

 Minneapolis ‘autonomous zone’ jeopardizes residents amid Derek Chauvin trial, police association says

 National Police Association applies pressure to Minneapolis City Council as local residents suffer

 Minneapolis protesters threaten reporter for approaching George Floyd ‘autonomous zone’

 The National Police Association Launches Virtual Book Tour For Steve Pomper’s The Obama Gang

The Obama Gang: New Investigative Book Exposes Former President’s Foundation is at the Center of the Anti-Police Firestorm

 Intimidation tactic’: Advocates on edge amid stepped-up security for Derek Chauvin trial in George Floyd’s death

 STREETS OF RAGE: Portland protest sees just 2 arrests after 150 Antifa activists smash up a Starbucks & bank in destructive rampage

Antifa operates ‘like Al-Qaeda’, wants America ‘burned to ground’ & may launch terror-style attacks

Police Group Spokesperson: LA Schools Slashing Police ‘Misguided’ 

Virginia lawmakers mull competing mandatory minimum sentencing proposals

Media’s Obsession With Jan. 6 ‘Extremely Frustrating’ to Law Enforcement: Retired Sergeant

Capitol riot put police suicides on display, but officers need more mental health resources: Retired sergeant

National Police Association Files Amicus Brief Supporting Minneapolis Residents Seeking Adequate Staffing of Their Police Department

‘Swatting’ hoax leads to large response in Deltona neighborhood

ACLU ad campaign demands that Biden honor campaign pledge to reduce prison population

Thank You Post from the El Paso Police Department

‘Social justice warriors change tactics to recruit conservatives in fight on routine police stops

‘We want revenge’: Leftists protest Biden, vandalize Oregon Dem headquarters

Security heightens around US Capitol as Inauguration Day draws closer

Detroit, police strike back against Black Lives Matter rioters in first-of-its-kind lawsuit

The National Police Association Files Brief Supporting the City of Detroit Establishing That the First Amendment Does Not Protect Against Unlawful Activity

NPA disputes studies that say providing police with military gear does not protect officers


The National Police Association To Broadcast New Television PSA Urging Americans To Immediately Assist Police Officers In Danger

Man accused of shooting 2 cops during KY riots facing assault charges, not attempted murder

What Has Changed Since George Floyd’s Death and Protests

National Police Association spokesperson Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith on Fox & Friends regarding the defund the police movement and how it ignores criminality in its goal of abolishing law enforcement

Meet Rachael Rollins, the Rogue Prosecutor Whose Policies Are Wreaking Havoc in Boston


Will protests turn violent with election results?

‘Uncertainty equals chaos’: Protests rage as vote count drags on

Police, security groups prepared for potential unrest as Election Day approaches

Law enforcement prepping for violent protests after election – National Police Association spokesman Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith weighs in on ‘Fox & Friends.’

US States, Cities Bracing For Potential Civil Unrest After Election, Threat Actors Could Stoke Social Tensions

‘Cities burn regardless of who wins’: Police gearing up for widespread violence after election

EXCLUSIVE: National Police Association spokesperson says ‘Antifa isn’t just an idea’

National Police Association Recognized by the Ronn Torossian Foundation

Policing levels across the country are already down 6% from a decade ago with more officers fleeing the job

Families seek new investigations into old police killings

National Police Association Aims To Support Law Enforcement

NPA’s call to charge the suspect in Louisville police shootings with attempted murder on Fox & Friends

National Police Association calls for attempted murder charge against Larynzo Johnson

NPA’s Smith Pushing Back Against NY AG’s Call to Eliminate Resisters by Eliminating Arrests

Division over armed militiamen patrolling protest-ridden cities

Wanton endangerment charge: What it means in the Breonna Taylor case

NY attorney general will decide when to release body camera video in police officer-involved civilian deaths

NPA’s Betsy Smith tells Aljazeera, defunding police will not end the way activists expect

Education Campaign Launched Explaining the Critical Impact ‘Defunding the Police’ Will Have on Reduced Police Service, Crime, and Communities

Federal Trade Commission warns of police phone scams

HOA will now allow Colorado police chaplain to fly ‘Thin Blue Line’ flag after professional news coverage, National Police Association involvement, and solid lawyering

Stars’ donations helped bail out suspects charged with ‘murder, violent felonies, sex crimes’

VIDEO: Civil rights attorney and NPA spokesperson react to new George Floyd video

‘Definitely been a problem’: DC Police Union says recruiting new officers is an issue

The governor of Minnesota outlawed “Warrior Training”, NPA Spokeswoman Sgt. Betsy Smith (RET.) breaks down what a police officer is, a warrior, and warriors want to protect their citizens.

$5K reward offered for information on suspect who fired shots at APD officer

National Police Association Offers Reward for Information on Suspect Who Shot at Austin, TX Police Officer

National Police Association asks court to rule against journalists in ACLU lawsuit

National Police Association Files Amicus Brief Supporting Law Enforcement in Portland, Oregon Against Threat to Police Safety

Thank You Post from Chicago Police Department 7th District – Englewood

National Police Assoc. launches petition urging Palo Alto to remove fugitive from Black Lives Matter mural

Fugitive the Source of Debate Over Black Lives Matter Mural in Palo Alto

Artists block Palo Alto street to guard new Black Lives Matter mural after petition by National Police Association to remove portrait of cop killer

Colorado chaplain gets support from the National Police Association in flag controversy

Police association asks Palo Alto to remove convicted cop killer from BLM mural

The National Police Association Launches Petition Asking Palo Alto, CA to Remove Its Mural of Convicted Cop Killer

National Police Association Tells Federal Court Portland City Hall is too Anti-Cop to Defend its Police

$5,000 reward offered for info in hit-and-run of Travis County deputy

Reward offered for information to help find suspect who injured TCSO deputy

Reward Offered for Information on Suspect Who Hit Travis County, TX Deputy in Hit and Run

Big Tech scrapping facial recognition services for police

Illinois governor considering police licenses

‘Ludicrous’: Top cops see chaos and economic crises if police defunded

Protests Fuel Push For Increased Access To Police Records

National Police Association offers $5K reward after shots fired at off-duty Buena Vista officer$5,000 reward offered in search for suspects who shot at off-duty police officer

Reward Offered for Information on Suspects Who Shot at Buena Vista Police Officer

$5,000 reward offered in search for suspects who shot at off-duty police officer

Reward Offered for Information on Suspects Who Shot at Buena Vista Police Officer

Reward increased for information on shooting; suspect’s vehicle has light-up Mercedes Benz emblem

Reward Offered for Information on Suspect Accused of Shooting at Dallas, TX Police Officer

Thank You Post from Chicago Police Department 3rd District – Grand Crossing

Reward Offered for Information on Suspect Accused of Shooting at Pima County Sheriff’s Deputy

Thank You Post from Chicago Police Department 8th District – Chicago Lawn

Castleberry ISD Police Department Thank You Letter

Reward For Information On Suspect Accused Of Shooting At Waco Police Officer

Reward offered for information on suspect accused of shooting at Waco police officer

NPA Offers Reward for Information on Suspect Accused of Shooting at Waco, TX Police Officer


$10,000 Reward Offered for Information Leading to Arrest of Person who Opened Fire on Sheriff’s Deputy Earlier This Week

Additional $1,000 reward for info on suspects who shot at Humboldt County deputy Monday

Reward Offered for Information on Suspect Accused of Shooting at Humboldt County, CA Sheriff’s Deputy

Thank You from Chicago Police Department 4th District – South Chicago

Reward Offered for Information on Suspect Accused of Shooting at a Toledo, OH Police Officer

Portland and the National Police Association argue against ‘outrageous’ lawsuit that claims police condone fascists

‘I Burst Into Tears’: Minnesota Police Officer Gives Speeding Doctor N95 Masks Instead of Ticket

Police lieutenant who was indicted for murder after killing ‘active shooter’ will go to trial

National Police Association Writer Steve Pomper Interviewed on Violence Against Police Officers on CBS This Morning

The National Police Association Supports Injured Baton Rouge Police Officer Against Black Lives Matter Organizer in U.S. Supreme Court

Massachusetts State panel rejects dropping cash bail

The National Police Association Honors the Work of the Cleveland Police Athletic League with Donation

Reward offered for information on suspect accused of tailing Chicago officer, shooting at his vehicle

The National Police Association Offers Reward for Information About the Person Who Followed a Chicago Police Officer from a Police Station and Fired Shots at Him

Advocacy group shares tips for bringing a stronger atmosphere of order and lawfulness to your community

The National Police Association Announces January 2020 Chaplaincy Training Scholarship Recipient

The National Police Association Announces December 2019 Chaplaincy Training Scholarship Recipient

National Police Association Announces November 2019 Chaplaincy Training Scholarship Recipient

The National Police Association Offers Reward for Information About the Person Who Shot at Broward County Florida Sheriff’s Deputies in Pembroke Park

National Police Association (NPA): Providing Tools & Strategies to Make Neighborhoods Safer

National Police Association Announces October 2019 Chaplaincy Training Scholarship Recipient

Ohio Attorney General asks parole board to keep Morrow cop’s killer in prison

The National Police Association Announces September 2019 IFOC Scholarship Award Winner

The National Police Association Announces August 2019 IFOC Scholarship Award Winner

The National Police Association Offers Reward for Information About the Person Who Shot At New Mexico State Police in NE Albuquerque

Manchester Police Athletic League Receives Donation from the National Police Association

Support pours in after Tuscaloosa police officer dies in line of duty

The National Police Association Honors the Work of the Atwater, CA PAL Cadets with Donation

The National Police Association Launches Petition Asking the Ohio Parole Board to Keep the Killer of Officer Jeffrey Phegley Behind Bars

The National Police Association Adds to Record Reward for Solving NYPD Officer Robert Bolden’s Murder

Cross Pointe, a Florida HOA, and its property management company, Holiday Isles, are threatening a Clearwater cop. Here is how to ask them to stop.

The National Police Association Offers Reward Following Shots Fired at NYPD Officers After Battling Cop Hating Mob in Brooklyn

The National Police Association Launches Petition Asking Elgin, IL to Reinstate Police Lt. Christian Jensen

The National Police Association Takes on ACLU over Right of Police to Maintain Gang Databases

Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals Sides With The National Police Association’s Amicus Brief In Case Against Former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson

National police advocacy group calls on Trump administration to modify Baltimore’s consent decree

National Police Association Sends Letter of Concern to President Trump Asking Him to Assist Baltimore Patrol Officers by Using Their Consent Decree to Obtain Training, Staffing and Support

Condolences pour in from across the country for slain Chattanooga police officer 

National Police Association Calls on Ohio Parole Board to Keep the Killer of Officer Gordon Joe Rich Behind Bars

Police Group Accuses Suffolk DA-Elect of ‘Reckless Disregard’ for Massachusetts Laws

National police group knocks incoming DA Rachael Rollins

National Police Association Files Bar Complaint Against District Attorney Elect Rachael Rollins

The National Police Association Joins Group in Supporting DOJ Against California’s Sanctuary City Laws 

National Police Association Calls on Virginia Parole Board to Deny Parole to Killer of Deputy Clifford Dicker 

National Police Association Requests Investigation of San Jose, CA’s Independent Police Auditor

‘Why did you … shoot her twice sir?’ Kentucky officer’s killer gets no parole ruling yet 

The National Police Association Calls On Kentucky Parole Board To Not Release Killer Of Officer Regina Woodward Nickles 

The National Police Association Calls For Investigation Of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

NPA Urges Contacting Missouri Parole Board to Support Keeping Cop Killer Elmer Hayes Behind Bars

Why we need to leave police policymaking to the police

National Police Association Files FOIA Requests on Chicago’s Plan to Include the ACLU and Black Lives Matter in Oversight of the Chicago Police Department

Parole hearing Monday for man who ‘tried to kill 4 police officers within 1 week’

Greene County sheriff gives chase on ‘Live PD,’ seizes ‘submachine’ gun 

Did cop lose his beloved dog because of petty fight over jacket? His union thinks so

Police group: Convicted police shooter up for parole should stay in prison 

National Police Association Calls for “Lloyd’s Law,” Asks Pres. Trump to Back Adding Police Officers to the Federal Hate Crimes Law in Response to Cop Killer’s Acquittal.

National Police Association Calls on NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo to Reverse the Vote to Free Serial Cop Killer Herman Bell and Remove the Board of Parole Members Who Voted to Free Him

Social media responds to Mobile police officer’s death in line of duty 

Federal appeals court weighs future of lawsuit over Michael Brown’s death 

Federal appeals court has tough questions in unique lawsuit filed by friend of Michael Brown 

The National Police Association Files Amicus Brief In Support of Dismissing Suit Against Former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson And Others 

Tweets of support