The National Police Association Supports House Resolution 1213 Regarding Violence Against Law Enforcement Officers

The National Police Association Supports House Resolution 1213 Regarding Violence Against Law Enforcement Officers

Apex MediaWire Photo by Billy Suratt

Indianapolis – May 15, 2024. The violence being perpetrated on police officers is at an epidemic level. Shootings of officers have increased by 60% since 2018, with 378 shot in the line-of-duty in 2023 alone. Of these 378 officers, 115 were victims of ambushes, which are sudden, unprovoked attacks that leave officers with little time to defend themselves. Assailants also target police officers in other ways: by intentionally running them over with vehicles, attacking them with chemical weaponry, punching, kicking, and stabbing them. U.S. House Resolution 1213, which was introduced by Rep. Peter Stauber (MN-8) in early May, acknowledges this shameful and unsustainable trajectory and resolves to rectify it. The resolution’s text can be found here.

H.Res.1213 recognizes the factors that have fueled the violence targeting law enforcement. These include a diminishing respect for police officers, as well as policies (like cashless bail) that have resulted in the release of repeat assailants who are free to re-offend. The resolution also acknowledges the unique challenges of twenty-first century policing that have been exacerbated by a mental health crisis, an epidemic of fentanyl overdoses, and increased homelessness.

The resolution calls on the U.S. House of Representatives to:

  • condemn calls to defund the police;
  • acknowledge that law enforcement needs adequate resources to effectively and safely protect themselves, other officers, and the communities they serve;
  • recognize that the current federal system of collecting data on line-of-duty officer injuries and deaths is inadequate;
  • acknowledge that the House has an obligation to set the tone for how the nation treats its police officers and respects the rule of law;
  • concede that police officers are under extraordinary stress resulting from their responsibilities and the negative landscape they must now navigate;
  • realize the need to solidify its relationship with law enforcement by crafting supportive policies;
  • express condolences and gratitude to the families and loved ones of officers who have paid with their lives.

“Police officers are dedicated public servants who have been called upon to provide more of themselves than at any other point in history, all while navigating a hostile, adversarial environment. They’re overworked, burned out, demoralized, and have increasingly become targets of violence,” said Paula Fitzsimmons, Legislative Director, National Police Association. “A resolution from the U.S. House of Representatives that offers an encouraging message to our nation’s heroes and that begins to correct the damage done to them, will help begin to restore policing and ultimately benefit public safety.”

The National Police Association enthusiastically supports House Resolution 1213 and asks that all members of Congress sign it.


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