All 50 State Capitol PDs Recalibrating Security

By Stephen Owsinski A few years ago, I composed a self-explanatory article titled “All Kinds of Police.” The piece explored the varied types of law enforcement entities among the roughly 18,500 which exist across the American landscape, fulfilling preservation and protection roles in a potpourri of jurisdictions to include railroad operations, college campuses, postal service Read More >

NPA 2020 Year in Review: Attacked by Malicious Media. Twitter Account Infested with Costumed Cop Haters.

Costumed Cop Hater Infestation Did you know there was such a thing as furries? We didn’t either but apparently, it’s a thing. Some of them are purportedly Nazis. The furries clearly know there is such a thing as the NPA, because they are now all visiting us every day, objecting to our diabolical rumored plan Read More >

Law Enforcement Trainer and NPA Contributor Sgt. Betsy Smith Interviewed by KGO TV on Palo Alto’s Cop Killer Mural

Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith, being interviewed about the NPA’s petition asking Palo Alto to remove its mural of a cop killer across from City Hall. Betsy is the creator of the only course of its kind for women in law enforcement, “The Winning Mind for Women” and is the owner of The Winning Mind LLC. Read More >

‘Defund the Police’ Movement Plays Follow the Leader Down Rabbit Hole

By Stephen Owsinski Campaigns to “Defund the Police” commenced as a show of so-called “police reform” and “police accountability” in the wake of the inexplicable Minneapolis event in which George Floyd’s life was cut short by a police officer and three other involved cops. As protests ensued and riotous behaviors became the national niche among Read More >

HCSO Master Detective also now a Command Sgt Major in US Army Reserve

By Stephen Owsinski Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) Master Detective Jasen Pask was promoted to Command Sergeant Major Jasen Pask recently. In addition to overseeing cases as a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office detective in Tampa, Florida, Pesk ‘s new role as a Command Sergeant Major will have him overseeing eight battalions with the U.S. Army Read More >

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