Antifa Accuses Portland Police of Sending Outlaw Bikers to Kidnap Them

Antifa Accuses Portland Police of Sending Outlaw Bikers to Kidnap Them

By Steve Pomper 

As if the officers of the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) didn’t have enough to worry about from Antifa. Now, the anti-cop fascists are accusing the Portland police of hiring an outlaw motorcycle gang to abduct them. No, really.

As cops know, the Gypsy Joker(s) M/C (motorcycle club) is one of the major outlaw (1%) motorcycle organizations in the U.S. and several other countries. They are well known for their violence and organized criminal activities.

Everyone knows this, right? Outlaw bikers do one thing very well: violence. They get lots of practice. But, apparently, not everyone knows this. For example, Antifa militants only get away with their violence because political officials won’t let the cops stop them. So, they think they can get away with intimidating, harassing, and assaulting anyone. As they learned the hard way, not everyone is intimidated by them.

Antifa should have known picking a fight with violent outlaw bikers wasn’t a great “direct action,” but they apparently didn’t care. A recent violent confrontation between Antifa and the bikers ended with one person dead and five injured in a Portland neighborhood.

As Victoria Taft at PJ Media reported, “Gunfire erupted when violent Antifa militants appear to have picked a fight with a notorious Portland, Ore. area biker gang.

“Antifa lost.”

Police responded to a disturbance last weekend that erupted into gunfire. Authorities reported the incident began when armed protesters (Antifa) confronted an armed homeowner (Gypsy Joker).

Taft reported that, the following day, when PPB PIO Lt. Nathan Sheppard tried to update the media about the shooting in Northeast Portland, “two known Antifa militants took over the news conference….” The two insolent “militants,” identified as Hailley Nolan and Dustin Ferreira, reportedly “commandeered the microphones, and began blaming the police for failing to do their jobs to protect them.”

Sure… now they quibble about defunding the cops.

Despite Nolan complaining the police wouldn’t “protect them,” witnesses reportedly left the scene without talking to police. Detectives said they believe there were many witnesses, even some who recorded the incident, who refused to cooperate with the investigation.

Nolan and Ferreira said that (for whatever reason) Antifa members went to confront some Gypsy Jokers. At least one of the Antifa members, as reported by police, was armed (which is not unusual). As was a homeowner.

Nolan blamed Portland police officers for a woman being killed in the shooting and five other people wounded. She said “They are sending Gypsy Jokers to kidnap us” (you’ll recall after hijacking the press conference, she said it was Antifa members who confronted the bikers).

She also accused Lt. Sheppard, and Portland police, of “sanctioning this violence against us. We are dying. We are trying to peacefully protest, and they are killing us. And I want to know if any of you care. I want to know if Ted Wheeler cares.”

Well, Mayor Wheeler has shown much more care for Antifa than he ever has for Portland police officers. Same goes for the city council and prosecutors.

Nolan said Antifa usurped the news conference because they didn’t want the police to “capture the narrative and lie….” I have to admit… Antifa does know an awful lot about lying—usually about the cops.

The Post Millennial’s Hannah Nightingale reported, “Tweets from Antifa members and groups told far-left comrades that were present not to talk to police investigating the shooting, to delete evidence posted on social media, and to keep posts including photos, videos, and first-hand accounts related to the incident to a minimum ‘so that you don’t receive a knock.’”

Again, Antifa’s complaint: the police failed “to do their jobs to protect them.” Well, Antifa failed to cooperate with police.

Angy Ngo, The Post Millennial’s editor-at-large, tweeted about the incident. This truth-telling drew “rage” from Antifa members and renewed calls for Ngo’s death. Ngo has been repeatedly assaulted by Antifa militants, including landing him in the hospital bed with a brain bleed.

But, as Taft puts it, “When you’re Antifa and you pick a fight with a biker gang, Antifa looks pretty dumb.” I have to agree with that. The Gypsy Joker M/C Internal Investigations Unit probably ain’t all that interested in proper uses of force or de-escalation techniques.

Antifa is not used to coming out on the losing end. When Antifa fights the cops, the cops’ political leaders have officers so hobbled, often, they can’t be effective. On the occasions when cops manage to be effective, they find themselves in trouble with internal investigations or even in court. So, after the stolen press conference, Antifa members licked their wounds by chasing a police officer, Lt. Sheppard, back to his patrol car and tried to surround it.

What in the world was Antifa thinking? Starting a fight with a notorious outlaw motorcycle outfit isn’t one of their more inspired ideas. I can only imagine that the Portland political leadership has allowed the Antifa militias to get away with so much, including assaulting police officers, Antifa must feel virtually invulnerable in Portland.

But, generally speaking, it’s just stupid to start trouble with people known for finishing trouble. What’s Antifa going to do next? Walk up to Tony Soprano and splatter a plate of cannoli in his face?

As far as blaming the cops for everything, these days, I think it’s going to be awhile before someone tops accusing police of hiring outlaw bikers to kidnap outlaw idiots. But, on second thought, let’s not tempt fate.