RIP Officer Natalie Corona

End of Watch: January 10, 2019

It was her lifelong dream to serve

Dear My Fellow Patriotic American,

It was Natalie Corona's lifelong dream to become a police officer.

It was her lifelong dream to serve And her patience, hard work, and preparation finally paid off when she was sworn in last August.

She was quickly recognized for her commitment to helping people and was a fast rising star in the department.

Natalie had only been patrolling on her own for just two weeks when, on January 10, she was called out to investigate a minor, three-car collision in town.

It was supposed to be a routine call, but she no doubt approached it with the same eagerness and excitement she always did.

It was supposed to be a routine call...

...but while investigating the accident, a man on a bicycle rode slowly up beside Natalie and opened fire on her without warning. She was struck in the neck and immediately went down.

As Natalie lay helpless on the ground bleeding from the bullet hole in her neck, her attacker emptied his entire magazine into her...

... reloaded ... fired again.

Officer Natalie Corona never had a chance. She was 22 years old.

Her life was highlighted throughout with bravery, devotion to duty, and an eagerness to serve.

Thousands of people attended Natalie's funeral and watched a brief interview in which Natalie revealed what it meant to be a police officer:

"It truly has to be in your heart. You will overcome any other challenges that are thrown at you."

It was her lifelong dream to serve

Law enforcement officers like Natalie Corona put their lives on the line day-in and day-out to protect us from harm and preserve our way of life.

It's bad enough our brave men and women must face real threats from dangerous criminals every day...

...but now politicians with radical agendas are intentionally inciting hatred and violence towards police for their own selfish gain.

And its officers like Natalie Corona who pay the price.

They are attacking a Fallen Hero

Anti-police bullies are attacking Fallen Hero Natalie Corona, saying her "Thin Blue Line" photograph supporting police officers is "triggering" and "blatantly anti-Black."

While Natalie's family and community are grieving over her death, these low-lifes are attacking Natalie's reputation to score political points!

Natalie isn't here to STAND UP TO THESE BULLIES, so you and I must do it for her.

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The National Police Association is a nonprofit organization with the simple mission of supporting the brave men and women of law enforcement who put their lives on the line every single day to protect us and preserve the American way of life.

Too often police are targeted, attacked, sued, falsely-accused, slandered, and even murdered by ungrateful radicals hell-bent on lawlessness.

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Your generous support will help...

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Our job is to set the record straight when radical, anti-police groups try to rip the lives and reputations and policemen and women apart.

We remain on constant, vigilant watch and rally patriotic citizens like you to come to the defense of law enforcement officers through our growing grassroots network.

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Thank you.

Ed HutchisonGratefully,
Ed Hutchison
Ed Hutchison, President
National Police Association