Nevada City Police Department’s Beards for a Cause nearing goal

Feb 13, 2017

Nevada City Police Department’s Beards for a Cause nearing goal

Nevada City Police officers are looking a little scruffier lately, but it isn’t due to protest, no one lost a bet and their favorite team isn’t in the playoffs.

The officers are growing beards to raise funds for The Friendship Club, a local nonprofit which provides disadvantaged adolescent girls with year-round academic, social, and emotional support.

“They look nice,” Nevada City Chief of Police Tim Foley said of his crew’s facial hair. “It was an opportunity to give back to the community and was kind of fun starting the new year with a fun thing to do that is worthwhile for the community. It’s been a plus all around.”

The fundraiser, now in its second month, has already raised $1,395 of their $2,000 fundraising goal, though they won’t stop raising funds until their April deadline comes.

“They built a website page for us so that people can assist in supporting the effort,” Foley said of The Friendship Club. “There are various challenges there and you could support the officers or you could take a pledge to match. I matched $300 as the chief’s challenge if a corporation wants to donate, or match, or more, they can put that in as a donation to The Friendship Club.”

The webpage can be found on the firstgiving.com website, where people can view how much of an individual officer’s goals have been met. People can donate through the website as well as learn a little about who the officers are and why they chose to get involved.


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