Indiana State Police Sgt. Honored With Combat Action Award

Apr 25, 2017

Indiana State Police Sgt. Honored With Combat Action Award

(INDIANAPOLIS) - Indiana State Police Sergeant Anthony Emery honored for his work and dedication.

Sgt. Emery was awarded the Combat Action Award which is bestowed upon an employee for courageous "at risk' performance of duty to include the use of and or defense against life threatening physical force or other specific actions that elevates danger to the employee.

In the morning hours of Monday, July 25, 2016, Sergeant Anthony Emery entered the Ricker's Convenient Store on MLK Jr. Boulevard in Anderson, Indiana. The store clerk informed Sgt. Emery that they had been robbed by a white male who had just exited the store. The clerk identified the suspect who had just entered his vehicle to leave the property.

Sgt. Emery confronted the suspected armed robber and saw that the suspect was pointing a handgun at him. Emery drew his service weapon and fired at the suspect striking both the vehicle and the suspect as he attempted to flee.

The suspect was involved in a vehicle crash as he exited the parking lot and was immediately apprehended by Sgt. Emery.


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