Bill to make it a hate crime to attack police advances

Feb 08, 2017

Bill to make it a hate crime to attack police advances

FRANKFORT, KY - Kentucky’s hate crimes law would be expanded to include targeting police officers and other emergency responders under a bill advanced by a House committee on Wednesday.

Supporters told the House Judiciary Committee that the measure signals support for law officers who can face threat of attack simply for wearing police badges.

“I signed up to put myself in danger,” said Bowling Green police Sgt. Shawn Helbig. “I didn’t sign up to be executed or to be killed or injured simply for wearing a uniform.”

The measure easily cleared the Judiciary Committee and heads to the full House. House Speaker Jeff Hoover said the measure appears to have strong support in the Republican-led chamber. If it passes the House, the proposal will head to the GOP-controlled Senate.


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